Había una vez… Revistas se agitan al viento, una cámara Super-8 se arrastra sobre una mesa mientras una vieja frazada va y viene. De repente, un ratón, luego, una civilización corriendo hacia su destino inevitable, mientras que una cámara Super-8 va en busca del amor. La contaminación plástica ha llegado a tal punto que ni las más lejanas playas están a salvo. / Once upon a time… Old magazines gently dance in the wind. A super-8 camera crawls over a wooden table while an old carpet flows in and out. Suddenly, a mouse and then a whole civilization running towards its inevitable destiny, while a super-8 camera searches for a lost Love. Plastic waste has reached the point where not even the most distant beaches are safe.

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– Duration / Duración: 00:12:10

– Synopsis / Sinopsis:

Once upon a time, old magazines gently danced in the wind, and super-8 cameras could roam freely across wooden tables while the carpet flowed in and out. Everything was nice and easy in those days, love was in the air and the music was really, really nice. Suddenly a mouse happened. The mouse of course looked for a nice spot and planted himself as mice do, then a whole Mouse civilization sprang
up, happily singing, joyfully consuming, busily hurrying, towards inevitable destruction. Without a care for the world. How can they be saved? The camera can only watch, only the mice can stop themselves. But they continue their joyfully dance to the very end. Plastic waste has reached the point where not even the most distant beaches are safe. There is no moral in the story. While we ourselves
will not last for very long, the consequences of our actions will last forever.

Once upon a time… Old magazines gently dance in the wind. A super-8 camera crawls over a wooden table while an old carpet flows in and out. Suddenly, a mouse and then a whole civilization running towards its inevitable destiny, while a super-8 camera searches for a lost Love. Plastic waste has reached the point where not even the most distant beaches are safe.

Había una vez… Revistas se agitan al viento, una cámara Super-8 se arrastra sobre una mesa mientras una vieja frazada va y viene. De repente, un ratón, luego, una civilización corriendo hacia su destino inevitable, mientras que una cámara Super-8 va en busca del amor. La contaminación plástica ha llegado a tal punto que ni las más lejanas playas están a salvo.

– Director´s Biography / Biografía del Director:

Javier Mrad has no degree in Graphic Design. He is a member of Cancanclub.
After creating and directing the design bureau at channel 13 and TN for 10 years, decided to open his own studio «Medialuna» (www.medialuna.tv) between 1998 and 2007, where he was in charge of designing the corporative image of global channels like Warner, HBO, Fox, NatGeo, Discovery, Nickelodeon, etc including releases of TV channel in London, Italy, India and Vietnam.
In 2007, gives up commercial work to produce short animation films and experimental non profitable software. Actually teaches at the UBA in the Postgraduate course of Graphic Design and has been a multimedia design thesis tutor at the Maimónides University.

Javier Mrad es diseñador grafico, animador e ilustrador con 20 años de experiencia profesional. En 1987 formó el primer departamento de on-air design de Argentina en Canal 13/TN/Grupo Clarín y lo dirigió durante 10 años. En 1997 fundó su propia compañía www.medialuna.tv y en 2005 www.banzaifilms.tv. Después de 20 años de experiencia en Diseño de pantalla (Broadcast Design), se retiro del trabajo comercial, para dedicarse de lleno a la enseñanza y crear sus propias películas. Javier Mrad ha dado conferencias sobre broadcast design por el mundo durante los últimos 15 años.

– Director´s Filmography / Filmografía del Director:

2009 – Teclópolis
2007 – 2metros
2006 – Doublethink
2006 – 8:15
2006 – 0101
2005 – m´appelle

– Environmentally-friendly efforts of your filmmaking process:

Most of the materials used in Teclópolis were donated by an obsolete electronics recycling entity that at the end of the shooting were given back for recycling.

– About the CanCanClub

Teclópolis is an independent project of experimentation in stop motion; experimentation not so much in the animation technique itself, but rather in the way the whole work is organized. The script, the characters, the sets, and the lightning  are decided, changed and revised on a daily basis during the shooting process, by improvising with the animators, the Art Director and the Photography Director, in a more dynamic theater-like way than is usual in animation. For weeks the animators train with characters and scenes that finally do not even appear in the movie. Shots are repeated over and over again until they come out right. Whole scenarios that were dismantled must be re-mounted whenever a change in the script requires it, taking weeks of painstaking reconstruction. The movie itself is a mere result, of an experience of freedom and work, lived and shared by the whole team.

– Director statement:

The film is the consequence of two years of trying to enjoy each day of work and experimentation at Cancanclub, and to be open to constant changes in script and sets as the work progressed. It was financed fully by ourselves and done with independence from any kind of expectation of result. Regardless of this apparent chaos, the concept of the film evolved clearly through endless discussions by the whole team.

– Overview / Ficha Técnica

Director / Dirección
Javier Mrad

Animation Director / Dirección de Animación
Becho Lo Bianco

Animators / Animadores
Becho Lo Bianco – Mariano Bergara

Original Music / Música Original
Cesar Lerner

Musicians / Músicos
Guadalupe Tobarias – Dimitri Rodnoy – Gustavo lorenzatti

Co-direction – Storyboard / Co-Dirección – Storyboard
Javier Salazar

Photography Director / Dirección de Fotografía
Juan Maglione

Scenaries Design and Realization / Diseño y Realización de Escenarios
Sebastián Hojnadel

Director Assistant / Asistencia de Dirección
Milton Secchi

Postproduction Direction / Dirección de Postproducción
Diego Primero

Edditing / Montaje
Hugo Primero – Diego Primero

Digital Operators / Retoque Digital
Agustín Pitlovany – Pablo Camino -Pablo Schegtel – Anita Sánchez

Audio Recording / Grabación Audio
Pablo Locane

Asisstant / Asistente
Dylan Lerner

Recording on / Grabado en
Estudio Dora

Voices / Voces
Cesar Lernet

Animation Experiments – Buildings / Ensayos animación – Construcción de Edificios
Rafael D’Andrea

Guest Writer / Guionista invitado
Javier Swedsky

Ramiro Fernández

Aditional Photography / Fotografía Adicional
Mali Collazo

Graphic Design / Diseño Gráfico
Felipe Ibáñez

Production Assistants / Asistencia de Producción
Melisa Martínez de San Vicente – Belén Risau

Art Director / Dirección de Arte
Javier Mrad

Art Assistant / Asistencia de Arte
Trinidad Soto Monllor

Coti Vinci

Produced by / Producido por
Javier Mrad – Diego Primero

Thanks to… / Gracias a…
Grupo Workplace – Banzai Films – Oxobox – Rodolfo Saenz Valiente – Walter Tournier – Daniii – Mariano Sebesta – Matilde Grillo – Emilce Avalos – Agustín Barrili – Tati Hernández – Fernanda Maglione – Anite Burroni – Juan Saenz Valiente – Fernando Vallejos – Benjamín Ochoa – Eduardo Maraggi – Daniel Morales – Ciro Paz Osorio – Rodrigo Elizalde – Federico Martini – Pablo Colafrancesco – Pro Video Grip – Fundación equidad – Grupo Anima Buenos Aires


[vimeo clip_id=»21598295″]

– Festivals, Awards and Nominations:

  • 22th Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine de Toulouse (19 Mar – 28 Mar, 2010) France – «Special Mention»;
  • ANIMA, International Animation Film Festival (4 May – 13 May, 2011) Belgium;
  • 9th Anifest, International Festival of Animated Films (18 May – 23 May, 2010) Czech Republic;
  • 6th Festival Iberoamericano de Cortometrajes y Guiones Al Extremo (2 Jun – 4 Jun, 2010) Argentina – First Award, Animation;
  • 50th Annecy, International Animation Film Festival (7 Jun – 12 Jun, 2010) France;
  • 5th Sardinia Film Festival (SFF) (19 Jun – 24 Jun, 2010) Italy – “Honorable Mention”;
  • 2nd Festival Internacional de Cinéma Latin du Pays de Caux (1 jul – 4 Jul, 2010) France – MEILLEUR COURT-MÉTRAGE, Animation;
  • 18th Cortodrome, International Short Film Festival (8 Jul – 9 Jul, 2010) Italy – “PREMIO DELLA CRÍTICA”;
  • 11th FIB Cortos, Festival Internacional de Cortos Benicàssim (14 Jul – 17 Jul, 2010) Spain;
  • 18th Anima Mundi, International Animation Festival (16 Jul – 25 Jul, 2010) Brazil;
  • 9th Magma Mostra di Cinema Breve (22 Jul – 25 Jul, 2010) Italy – BEST ANIMATION;
  • 2th Picnick Festival (3 Aug – 7 Aug, 2010) Spain;
  • 25th Hiroshima, International Animation Festival (7 Aug – 11 Aug, 2010) Japan;
  • 4th Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña USHUAIA SHH… (FICMUS) (19 Aug – 24 Aug, 2010) Argentina – «Special Mention»;
  • 7th Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes «Tandil Cortos» (27 Aug – 29 Aug, 2010) Argentina – First Award, Animation and Best Short Film;
  • 9th Festival Latinoamericano de Cortometrajes «ImageneSociales» (2 Sep – 5 Sep, 2010) Argentina – «Special Mention»;
  • 9th Festival Internacional de Cine «Nueva Mirada» para la Infancia y la Juventud (2 Sep – 8 Sep, 2010) Argentina;
  • 15th Milano Film Festival (10 Sep – 19 Sep, 2010) Italy;
  • 5th Festival de Artes Audiovisuales de La Plata (FESAALP) (11 Sep – 18 Sep, 2010) Argentina – «Special Mention», Animation;
  • Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival (16 Sep – 19 Sep, 2010) The Netherlands;
  • 5th Pentedattilo Film Festival, Festival Internazionale di Cortometraggi (16 Sep – 19 Sep, 2010) Italy;
  • 8th Festival de Cine y Video Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (16 Sep – 26 Sep, 2010) Argentina;
  • 3th Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Alterativo y Comunitario «Ojo al Sancocho»
  • (FICVAC) (17 Sep – 24 Sep, 2010) Colombia – «Honorable Mention», International Animation;
  • 6th Fantastic Fest (FF) (23 Sep – 30 Sep, 2010) USA – Best Short Film, Animation;
  • 5th ANIM’EST, International Animation Film Festival (8 Oct – 17 Oct, 2010) Romania;
  • 10th The Biennial of Animation Bratislava (BAB) – International Festival of Animated Films for Children (12 Oct – 16 Oct, 2010) Slovakia;
  • 7th Novara Cine Festival (12 Oct – 16 Oct, 2010) Italia;
  • 11th Planet in Focus International Environmental Film and Video Festival (13 Oct – 17 Oct, 2010) Canada;
  • Animatricks Animation Festival (14 Oct – 17 Oct, 2010) Finland;
  • Festival International du Film de La Roche-sur-Yon (FIF) (14 Oct – 19 Oct, 2010) France;
  • Marbella International Film Festival (MIFF) (15 Oct – 17 Oct, 2010) Spain;
  • Small World International Short Animation Film Festival (15 Sep – 31 Oct, 2010) UK;
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible «Filme Sozialak» Bilbao (28 Sep – 5 Oct, 2010) Spain – «Special Mention»;
  • 3rd Festival Internacional de Animación, ANIMEC (21 Oct – 28 Oct, 2010) Ecuador – Best Iberoamerican Animated Short Film;
  • 8th Tindirindis: Tarptautinis Animaciniu Filmu Festivalis (25 Oct – 7 Nov, 2010) Lithuania – GRAND PRIZE, International;
  • China International Animation & Digital Arts Fest (CICDAF) (28 Oct – 31 Oct, 2010) China;
  • 8th American Conservation Film Festival (ACFF) (4 Nov – 7 Nov, 2010) USA;
  • 6th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes «El Cine a las Calles» (FICCC) (4 Nov – 27 Nov, 2010) México – First Award, Animation;
  • 17th Bradford Animation Festival (BAF) (9 Nov – 13 Nov, 2010) England;
  • 34trh CINANIMA, International Animated Film Festival (9 Nov – 14 Nov, 2010) Portugal – BEST SHORT FILM;
  • 2nd CutOut Fest: International Animation Film Festival (11 Nov – 13 Nov, 2010) México – First Award. Narrative Category;
  • 13th Nuit Du Court Métrage de Lausanne (19 Nov, 2010) Switzerland – «Special Mention»;
  • 27th Tehran International Short Film Festival (19 Nov – 24 Nov, 2010) Iran;
  • 17th International Film Festival ETIUDA&ANIMA (IFF) (22 Nov – 24 Nov, 2010) Poland;
  • 6th CORTOMENAR – Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes de Colmenar Viejo (24 Nov –
  • 27 Nov, 2010) Spain;
  • 28th Festival International du Film d’Environnement (FIFE) (24 Nov – 30 Nov, 2010) France – «Special Mention»;
  • Anilogue – International Animation Festival (24 Nov – 2 Dec, 2010) Hungary/Austria;
  • 24th International Nature and Environment Film Festival (FIFNE) (26 Nov – 5 Dec, 2010) France;
  • 8th International Animation Arts Festival «Multivision» (3 Dec – 5 Dec) Russia;
  • 20th Les Nuits Magiques: Festival International du Film d’Animation (3 Dec -12 Dec, 2010) France;
  • 22th Festival de Cortometrajes de Aguilar de Campoo (4 Dic – 7 Dec, 2010) Spain;
  • 7th Animateka International Animation Film Festival (6 Dec – 12 Dec, 2010) Slovenia;
  • 7th Festival Internacional de Cine/Corto de Tapiales (10 Dec – 12 Dec, 2010) Argentina – «Special Mention», Animation;
  • Göteberg International Film Festival (GIFF) (27 Jan – 6 Feb, 2011) Sweden;
  • Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animació de Catalunya – ANIMAC (24 Feb – 27 Feb, 2011) Spain;
  • 51th Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias (FICCI) (24 Feb – 3 Mar, 2011) Colombia;
  • 5th Festival Internacional de Cortos Olavarría (FICO) (20 Apr – 24 April, 2011) Argentina;
  • 8th CurtoCircuito Santiago de Compostela – Festival Internacional de Curtametraxes (6 May – 15 May, 2011) Spain;
  • 1st Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil, Colombia (3 Aug – 7 Aug, 2011) Colombia;
  • 2nd International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS (23 May – 28 May, 2011) Latvia – “Jury Special Mention”;
  • 1st Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Cosquín (FICIC) (26 May – 28 May, 2011) Córdoba, Argentina – Best Short Film
  • SuperToon Festival (31 July – 4 Aug, 2011) Croatia; Official Competition: Short  Animated Film;
  • Underground World Animation Festival – Mumia (5 Oct – 31 Oct, 2011) Belo Horizonte, Brasil;
  • International Animation Festival – Fest Anca (1 July – 3 July, 2011) Bratislava – No Competitive;
  • Cinecita 2011 categoria JUVENIL;
  • Festival 1000 metros bajo tierra, México; Animation Program: Fiction I;

– Links:

Web: http://www.teclopolis.com.ar
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CanCanClub
Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/cancanclub
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/cancanclubtube –

http://www.youtube.com/user/cancanclubtube#p/a/f/0/BFA5QVbxgrI (trailer)
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/people/56323123@N06/



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