Far from us

Fern von uns





Technical Info / Información Técnica:

(2019) / 01:17:00 / Color / 5.1 / 1,85:1 / Misiones, Argentina / Documentary-Fiction / Drama, family




After a long absence, Ramira reunites with her mother and child, leading to a balancing act between acceptance and avoidance. The child struggles between two mothers, while Ramira seeks to find a sense of reinsertion in the middle of a labyrinth of hybrid languages and customs.


Después de su larga ausencia, Ramira se reúne con su madre y su hijo, lo que  lleva a sumergirse nuevamente en una relación de desequilibrio y rechazo. El niño lucha entre dos madres, mientras que Ramira busca encontrar un sentido de reinserción en medio de un laberinto de idiomas y costumbres híbridas.



Synopsis / Sinopsis:

Ramira returns to the Misiones rainforest from where she ran away after the birth of her son.  Her efforts to rebuild the bond with her mother and her son, who does not recognize her as his mother, are complicated.  Her family questions her abandonment of the child and fights with her over the deceased father’s inheritance. The child struggles between two mothers, while Ramira seeks to find a sense of reinsertion in the middle of a labyrinth of hybrid languages and customs.


Ramira regresa a la selva misionera, desde donde huyó después del nacimiento de su hijo. Los intentos por reconstruir el vínculo con su madre y su hijo, quien no la reconoce como su mamá, se complican. Su familia critica su ausencia y abandono del niño y pelea en relación a la herencia del padre fallecido.   El hijo se debate entre dos madres, mientras Ramira trata de encontrar un sentido de pertenencia en medio de un laberinto de lenguas y costumbres híbridas.



Director´s Biography / Biografía del Director:



Verena Kuri was born in 1979 and studied Film Directing at the Film University of Buenos Aires. She was selected at the Biennale College program where her first feature film “Una Hermana” had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. She is a founding member of the director’s label Nabis Filmgroup, dedicated to the production of art-house films.

Nació en 1979 y estudió Dirección de Cine en la Universidad de Cine de Buenos Aires. Fue seleccionada en el programa Biennale College, donde su primer largometraje, “Una Hermana” tuvo su estreno mundial en el Festival de Cine de Venecia. Es Co-fundadora de la productora  Nabis Filmgroup.




Laura Bierbrauer was born in 1980. She studied Social Anthropology and Film at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Having received her master’s degree in film with a documentary (Fantasmas de Capital) and in anthropology with fieldwork about informal recycling workers, she moved to Buenos Aires in 2010, where she currently works as a filmmaker and editor.


Laura Bierbrauer nació en 1980 y estudió antropología social y cine en la Universidad de Bellas Artes de Hamburgo. Tras obtener su maestría en cine con un documental (Fantasmas de capital) y en antropología con un trabajo de campo sobre cartoneros, se mudó en 2010 a Buenos Aires, donde trabaja como cineasta y editora.



Director’s Statement / Declaraciones del Director:

A feeling that extends itself in Far from us is best described by a word in German that has a double meaning: Heimsuchen. This means to “look for one’s home» and «the home that follows you» at the same time. The characters of our film are guided by this double meaning and are motivated by the need to find their home in the present, even though a distant past clashes with finding their place of belonging. The province of Misiones in Northeastern Argentina is a diverse place due to waves of European immigration in the last century, with the added peculiarity that this region lies on the border with Paraguay and Brazil, creating an expanded merging of cultures. Just as local and foreign traditions are lost, others are integrated: the past emerges through language, which is often reminiscent of bygone eras. In Far from us, all these notions come into play in particular family ties: a daughter’s return and her struggle to restore a bond with her son, strained relations over the inheritance of a plot of land, and livelihoods at stake due to cattle plagues. In order to move forward and find one’s place, something, inevitably, must be left behind.



Overview / Ficha técnica:

Script / Guión: Verena Kuri, Laura Bierbrauer

Producer / Producción: Santiago Carabante, Lukas Rinner, Verena Kuri, Laura Bierbrauer, Florencia Clérico

Executive Producer: Lukas Rinner, Alberto Trigo

Director / Director: Verena Kuri, Laura Bierbrauer

Cinematography & Camera / Dirección de Fotografía y Cámara: Andrés Aguiló, Laura Bierbrauer

Art Director / Dirección de Arte:

Editing / Edición: Laura Bierbrauer

Sound design / Diseño de Sonido:

Original Music / Música Original:

Cast / Intérpretes: Marcia Majcher, Cecilia Rainero, Mateo Giménez, Juan Hintz, Susana Da Silva, Gabriela Hintz, Juana Hintz, Arno Hintz, Carlos Hintz, Rafael Hintz, Néstor García




Festivals, Awards and Nominations / Festivales, Premios y Nominaciones:

– 49 Berlinale Forum; 02/2019; Germany

– 16 Obera Film Festival; 07/2019; Argentina

– 31 Galway Film Fleadh; 07/2019; Ireland

– 5 Pico Fest; 08/2019; Argentina

– 50 GOA, International Film festival of India; 11/2019; India

– 7 Dias de Cine, Lateinamerikanisches Film Fest; 11/2019; Germany




Teaser: https://vimeo.com/285355152




Contact / Contacto:

Gisela Chicolino

FilmsToFestivals Distribution Agency




Nabis Filmgroup




Film Republic


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