Todo se Calma

Engulfed in her home, a woman makes plans to not leave the house.

Una mujer inventa planes para no salir de su casa.

Everything calms down






– Technical Info / Información Técnica:

(2018) / 00:14:00 / ratio 2:39 / COLOR / SOUND 5.1 / Camera: / 24 FPS / Argentina / Dramedy, women, lonely





Engulfed in her home, a woman makes plans to not leave the house.


Una mujer inventa planes para no salir de su casa.




Short Synopsis / Sinopsis Corta:

Engulfed in her home, a woman makes plans to not leave the house. The imposition of a daily routine keeps her sane. A brief encounter with the outside world or the deviant urge to look out beyond can overwhelm both her and her refuge.


Una mujer inventa planes para no salir de su hogar. Su rutina la mantiene erguida. Un pequeño encuentro con el exterior y la necesidad de mirar más, desbordan a ella y su refugio.




– Director´s Biography / Biografía del Director:



Virginia Scaro was born in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina in 1985. She moves to Buenos Aires city where she studied at the Universidad del Cine with a special focus on sound design. She’s currently working as AD, Producer and Camera Assistant. During her participation in the Art Laboratory at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, she deepened her investigation on body movement and documentary through a video installation. “Everything Calms Down” is her first short film.




Director’s Statement / Declaraciones del Director:


We are mostly women in my family. My aunts and my mother all live in big houses which they used to share with their husbands and children. Today they are alone, and yet those absences lie in waiting, creating what I call an “atmosphere”. I am interested in the physical space of the home as the stage where you can trace a choreography of steps, displacements, and stillness. And how through its daily repetition, these movements create a machine that neutralizes emotions. But intimacy lurches in the small pauses that punctuate a routine when memories seem to swallow time. And this time of remembrance transforms space, animating it with a phantasmagorical “atmosphere”. When I visit my relatives, I stay in their houses. We remain inside for days on end, never wanting to go out, and the private world becomes mysterious. A daily routine is like an axis, holding a person’s life together. But it can also become dislocated, its movements escaping common sense, its activities ebbing and owing without evident cause: wardrobe doors are opened and closed, their contents arranged and rearranged, hoping for a new and better order that perhaps never arrives. And while the outside world must be resisted, the home as a shelter can in turn become oppressive. Nowadays, faced with an extremely demanding world, many attempts at personal affirmation in society end in a flight from reality. The protagonist In Everything Calms Down is living a structural change in the role of domesticity, much like the women in my family. What used to be a fundamental vital framework, starts to lose its meaning after generational movements. And the home becomes the stage for an anchorless time. This condition makes visible the strings that still link this role to a woman.




– Overview / Ficha técnica:

Script / Guión: Virginia Scaro

Producer / Productor: Virginia Scaro

Executive Producer / Productor Ejecutivo: Lukas Rinner, Román Kasseroller, Virginia Scaro

Production Assistant / Asistente de producción: Yael Svoboda, María Laura, Truskovsky

Director / Director: Virginia Scaro

Director Assistant / Asistente de Dirección: Johanna Schorn

Director of Photography and Camera / Dirección de Fotografía y Cámara: Román Kasseroller

Gaffer: Geronimo Gassman, Lorenzo Prati, Andrés Aguiló

First Assistant Camera / 1er Asistente Cámara: Sofía Rodrigo, Lucas Pérez

Grip: Ricardo Jaimes

Still Photography / Foto Fija: Santos Loza

Production Designer / Dirección de Arte: Lucía Carnicero

Assistant Designer / Asistente de Arte: Bárbara Hansen, Ignacio Conde, Héctor Bravo, Costume Designer / Vestuario: Pilar Gonzáles

Film Editor / Edición: Juan Manuel Bramuglia

Sound design / Diseño de sonido: Nahuel Palenque, Virginia Scaro

Sound Assistant / Asistencia De Sonido: Fernanda Kraide

Mixing / Mezcla: Francisco Pedemonte

Música / Music: Jhongo You

Cast / Elenco: Rhea Volij, Gerónimo Quevedo




Festivals, Awards and Nominations / Festivales, Premios y Nominaciones:

– 43 TIFF, Toronto International Film Festival; 09/2018; Canadá

– 40 Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana; 12/2018; Cuba

– 20 ShorTS International Film Festival; 06/2019; Italy

– 22 Maine IFF; 07/2019; US

– 18 Concorto Film Festival; 08/2019; Italy

– LIFF, Lebanese Independent Film Festival; 09/2019; Lebanese Republic




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Contact / Contacto:

Gisela Chicolino


Distribution Agency



Productor Asociado:

Lukas Rinner / Roman Kasseroller

Nabis Film Group