Duration / Duración: 01:20:00



Synopsis / Sinopsis:

Mauro walks through the city buying stuff. Anything, it doesn’t matter what. Because Mauro is a passador, as in the streets they call a man who trade fake bills. Marcela and Luis live together. Marcela is a few months pregnant. Luis and Mauro decide to set up a little printing house to produce counterfeit money. Mauro trade the money by night, in bars and discotheques. He moves discreetly, always alone; until he meets Paula.


Mauro recorre la ciudad comprando cosas. Cualquier cosa, no importa qué. Porque Mauro es pasador. Y pasador es el nombre con el que se conoce en la calle al que cambia billetes falsos. Marcela y Luis viven juntos, ella está embarazada de algunas semanas. Luis y Mauro deciden instalar un pequeño taller de serigrafía para falsificar billetes artesanalmente. Mauro cambia los billetes grandes de noche en bares y discos. Se mueve discretamente, siempre solo; hasta que conoce a Paula.



Director´s Biography / Biografía del Director:


Hernán Rosselli was born in 1979. As editor, he has worked both in documentary and in fiction for directors such Bruno Stagnaro, Hernán Belón, Ezequiel Yanco and Gastón Solnicki. He is co-editor and director of Las Naves, film magazine edited in collaboration with german film magazine Revolver. Mauro is his first feature Film.



– Director’s Statement / Declaraciones del Direcor:

I think that something interesting happens when you can´t take distance from the facts and the characters of a story. You must move all the time looking for your subject. It forces you to avoid being biased towards the characters. The films I enjoy always represent this personal journey.

So I decided to make this film with my family and with my friends, without having a defined plan. Shot from the uncertainty. Because at the end, and after all, that is a little which means making films: a struggle between planning and random, the idea and the reality.



Overview / Ficha Técnica

Guión: Hernán Roselli

Productor Ejecutivo: Santiago Hadida

DF: Hernán Roselli

Edicion: Delfina Castagnino, Hernán Roselli

Edición de Sonido: Catriel Vildósola

Dirección de Arte: Mariana Roselli

Actores: Mauro Martínez, Juliana Inae Simoes Risso, José Pablo Suárez, Victoria Bustamante, Pablo Ramos, Patricia Fouret, Ricardo Ruiz, Charly Botto



Festivals, Awards and Nominations / Festivales, Premios y Nominaciones:

– Bafici – “Premio especial del jurado”, “premio FIPRESCI”; 04/2014; Argentina.

– FICIC; 05/2014 – “Mejor Largometraje”; Argentina.

– Rio de Janeiro IFF; 09/2014; Brasil.

– Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma; 10/2014; Italia.

– Vienna IFF; 10/2014; Austria.

– Festival de Cine de Tucumán – “Best 1st Film”; 10/2014; Argentina.

– FIC Cali; 10/2014; Colombia.

– Festival FILMAR en América Latina; 11/2014; Suiza.

– Festival des 3 Continents; 11/2014; Francia.

– Argentine Film Festival; 11/2014; UK.








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