Diez Mil Horas


The Thousand Hours






Technical Info / Información Técnica:

(2015) / 00:21:28 / Full HD 1920×1080 / 25 fps / 1.77:1 (16:9) / Color / PAL / Sound: 48kbps 24 bits / Argentina




Synopsis / Sinopsis:

A promising young chess player of Buenos Aires, discouraged by his performance, decided to leave his world. He travels with old friends to the countryside to plunge into a desperate tour of drugs and alcohol, before deciding to return to town to face his match and his destiny.


Un joven ajedrecista de Buenos Aires, desmotivado por su rendimiento, decide alejarse de su mundo. Viaja con viejos amigos al interior de la provincia para sumergirse en una gira desesperada de drogas y alcohol, antes de decidir volver a la ciudad para enfrentarse a su partida y a su destino.




Director´s Biography / Biografía del Director:


Julián García Long was born on March 30, 1988, in General Roca City, Argentina. He was raised in the patagonic city of Neuquén. During high school he attended a documentary film workshop were took his first steps in cinema. After high school he moved to Buenos Aires city, were he started studing for director and scrip-writer at the National University of Arts (U.N.A.). During this time, he made and assisted on numerous short films and documentaries. He also developed as cameran and photographer. He attended to various workshops of renowned Argentinian photographers. He also studied for director of photography at the Union of cinema industry school. He made an educational short-documentary for the ONG Cambio Democrático (Democratic change) with the support of the Swiss Confederation (Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft) and the German Embassy, called Construyendo Miradas (Buiding looks). He is currently completing the degree in the National University of Arts. Diez mil horas (Ten thousand hours) is his graduation film.


Julián Ignacio García Long nació en General Roca, Argentina, en 1988. Se crió en la ciudad patagónica de Neuquén. Estudió Artes audiovisuales con orientación en Realización y Guión en la Universidad Nacional de las Artes (U.N.A.). Realizó la carrera de Dirección de fotografía en C.F.P del S.I.C.A. Director de «Construyendo Miradas» cortometraje documental con apoyo de las embajadas de Alemania y Suiza. Trabajó en el largometraje documental «Pelota Pulpo», en etapa de post producción. Estudió fotografía fija en los talleres de Goldenstein, Schoijett y Ueno. Se desempeña como camarógrafo y asistente de dirección. Realizó el cortometraje documental «Crudo» en 2015, año en el que también finalizó «Diez mil horas», su proyecto de graduación del U.N.A.



Filmography / Filmografía:

2014. Director and Editor of live music video for «Cumbia Club Maribel» musical group.




Director Statement / Declaraciones del Director:

Ten thousand hours is about paralysis. About wanting to climb the Everest without any intermediate stop. About being at the base of the mountain, pondering whether or not the effort itself is worth it, regardless of reaching the top. But it’s not really about Mount Everest. It’s about a chess game and a young chess promise preparing for the biggest game of his life. No, it’s not about that either. It’s about fear; fear of failure. Chilean writer Gabriela Mistral wrote that all work is autobiographical, but not in the way you believe, but rather in that it takes courage to express what happens to us. What is life of Third World’s middle class youth like? Being a chess player, a filmmaker, an artist, where is the place for those who try but fail? Joaquín, the main character of the film, finds no salvation or transformation, but an action. He takes a decision while in confusion, and that confusion does not go away. Nonetheless, while nothing is solved with a decision, something changes. The fear of choice is the fear of having a thousand possibilities. Dream, but be aware if that dream does not become real. It is a door, it’s my escape, it’s the decision of action and creation, because the wait eats your soul, because insomnia catches you if you don’t do what you feel you must do, like going to play a game of chess after a weekend of chaos, or writing these words at 3 in the morning.




Overview / Ficha técnica:

Script / Guión: Luciano Salerno

Producer / Producción General: Julián García Long, Lucía Lamboley, Paula Gomez Monetta, Florencia Azorin

Director / Director: Julián García Long

Director Assistant / Asistente de Dirección: Ignacio Losada

Cinematography / Dirección de fotografía: Agustín Boero

Camera and Steadycam Operator / Cámara: Francisco Bouzas, Armin Marchesini Weinhmüller

Art Director / Director de Arte: Joaquín Maito; Tatiana Mazú

Art Assistant / Asistente de Arte: Emiliano Echevarría

Editing / Edición: Josefina Llobet

Sound Design / Diseño de Sonido: Leandro Prieto; Alan Serué

Original Music / Música Original: Joan Malandia

Cast / Actores: Francisco GONZÁLEZ BERTIN as Joaquín (Lead Actor); Lautaro MACKINZE as Cami (Supporting Actor); Manuelas ISEAS as Clara (Supporting actress); Horacio GAMES as Ruiz/chess coach (Supporting Actor); Sergio MAYORQUIN as Franco (Supporting Actor)




Festivals, Awards and Nominations / Festivales, Premios y Nominaciones:

– Cipolletti Cine, Concurso Nacional de Cortometrajes; 11/2015; Argentina.








Contact / Contacto:

Gisela Chicolino



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