Films: Women

Un Finde

“Un finde” could be defined as the visual description of ‘ghosting’ someone. This short film reminds us that ‘virtual’ is not an antonym for ‘real’.

“Un finde” podría definirse como la descripción visual del ‘ghosting’. Este corto nos recuerda que ‘virtual’ no es antónimo de ‘real’.

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Una Aprendiz Invisible

Inés is a 12-year-old girl that starts taking roller skating classes, encouraged by her parents that are trying to keep her away from home while they’re dealing with her sister’s illness.

Inés, una niña de 12 años comienza a tomar clases de patín estimulada y alentada por sus padres, buscando que no esté en casa mientras atravesaban la enfermedad de su hermana.

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Acordate dame un beso al despertar

For fifteen years, while living in the same house, my mother, sisters and I wrote letters to each other. In this animated essay, the words from that early family routine enter into dialogue with present routines, as a way of exploring the emotional bonds between the women of my family.
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Discover someone else’s heartbeats and, in the process, find your own.

Descubrir los latidos del corazón del otro y, en el camino, encontrar los propios.

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In a remote rural town where the law of the most powerful rules, a Young teacher is brutally raped and disappeared. Her Father, furious at the indifference of justice, hires two assassins to avenge her.

En un lejano pueblo rural en donde impera la ley del más poderoso, una joven profesora es brutalmente violada y desaparecida. Su padre, furioso por la indiferencia de la justicia, contrata a dos asesinas para vengarla.
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Las Picapedreras

A history book, a film saved from the flames of a dictatorship, an exiled filmmaker and an archive full of films downloaded from the internet. With these materials, a young filmmaker intends to rebuild an image of the women who made the longest strike in Argentina.
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Pata y Muslo

On an astro pitch in Buenos Aires two teams embark on a surreal contest. A satirical reimagining of a football match, that turns into a dance, a seduction of the camera and finally, a Gatsby tea party, while the soundtrack explodes with free jazz.
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En Voz Alta

A journey through the stories of lesbians in search of motherhood, and a deep reflection on heteronorm as a system of oppression.

Un recorrido por historias de personas lesbianas que conforman familias, y una profunda reflexión sobre la heteronorma como sistema de opresión.

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Selena, a young tourist, gets on a cab back to her hotel; but she will never make it. Ana Rieder, a crime journalist, will defend her from justice, publishing what happened that night, which only Selena knows. Ana faces the article of her life, and Selena´s life depends on her.
SELENA, une jeune touriste, prend un taxi vers son hôtel; mais elle n’y arrivera jamais. Ana Rieder, une journaliste spécialisée dans le crime, la défendra de la justice, publiant ce qui s’est passé cette nuit-là,
que Selena seule sait. Ana fait face à l’article de sa vie, et Selena dépend d’elle.
Selena, una joven turista viaja en taxi rumbo a su hotel pero jamás llegará a destino. Ana Rieder, periodista de policiales, deberá defenderla de la justicia publicando lo sucedido esa noche y que solo Selena sabe. Ana está ante la nota de su vida, y la vida de Selena depende de ella.
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Technical Info / Información Técnica: (2021) / 00:18:30 / Camara Sony Fs7 / 24 fps / ratio 2:35 / color / Sonido. 5.1 / Argentina-Brasil / Bahía, Brasil / Drama Short Synopsis / Sinopsis Corta: In an arid and remote place, a man, his wife, and their laborer lead a monotonous life. When an unexpected event breaks that routine, the cruelty of the patriarch will manifest itself without limits. En un lugar árido y remoto, un hombre, su mujer y …
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Emilia, a frustrated artist, rents her uterus to her cousin, but the connection with her unborn child might be stronger than a contract.

Emilia, una artista frustrada, renta su vientre a su primo, pero el lazo de ser madre puede ser más fuerte que un contrato.

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Instrucciones para Adela

Three women, three generations. Time passes by and a farewell becomes inminent. A grandmother, a mother and a daughter spend the day in a family sailboat. Some look backwards and some look forward.

Tres mujeres, tres generaciones, el paso del tiempo y una despedida inminente. Abuela, madre e hija pasan el día en un velero familiar. Algunas miran hacia atrás y otras miran hacia adelante.

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A camera burst into the privacy of Elida Baldomir, the only woman with military responsibility in Tupamara Guerilla. The end of her life takes place in a small apartment in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the sole company of her cat. Years of imprisonment and the long-lasting effects of torture dwell in her body; in every step, with every memory, and in every look.
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Una Casa Sin Cortinas

María Estela Martínez, better known as Isabel Perón, achieved what Evita Perón never could: From an unknown cabaret dancer she became the first female president of the Americas. But after surviving prison and exile, Isabel was forgotten in popular memory.

La bailarina María Estela Martínez, más conocida como Isabel Perón, logró lo que no pudo Evita: ser la primera presidenta mujer de América. Sin embargo, su imagen se borroneó hasta transformarse en una figura fantasmal de la historia argentina.

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Como el cielo después de llover

Mercedes returns to her native city to join her father, Victor, in the shooting of his film. He is a director who has filmed his family throughout the years. In the encounter of both filmmakers’ ways of looking, her mother’s silence and her brother’s stubbornness, Mercedes embraces the time they shared in their home videos and her family’s endless contradictions in order to find her own beginning.

Mercedes regresa a su ciudad natal para acompañar el rodaje de la película de su padre, Víctor. Un director que se ha encargado de registrar a su familia a lo largo del tiempo. Entre el encuentro de sus dos miradas, el silencio rotundo de su madre y la obstinación de su hermano, Mercedes abraza el tiempo compartido del archivo y las infinitas contradicciones de su familia para buscar allí su propio comienzo.

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Sin Título

She works in a northern Mexican border town. She remembers her papa’s stories and her mama’s hopes for a better life, all while wandering through a dream from which she cannot awake.

Ella trabaja en un pueblo en la frontera, al norte de México; recuerda las historias de su padre y las esperanzas de una vida mejor de su madre mientras vaga por un sueño del cual no puede despertar.

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La Inserción

Betrayal becomes revenge.

La traición es venganza.

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El Rocío

Sara discovers that agrochemicals sprayed by her neighbor for soy cultivation poisoned her daughter. The treatment compels them to travel to Buenos Aires. To get money for it, Sara devotes herself to drug trafficking. This becomes a threat to her freedom and the safety of her children.

Sara vive con su hija Ailén en una zona rural de Entre Ríos. La niña comienza a enfermarse por las fumigaciones en los campos. Sara pelea por detenerlos, pero es inútil. La salud de su hija se agrava, y tiene que viajar de urgencia a Buenos Aires. Sin recursos para hacer el viaje, recurre a viejos contactos y se pone a traficar cocaína del campo a la ciudad.

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Dulce Espera

A middle-age woman will try to become a mother without her husband’s support.

Una mujer de mediana edad buscará convertirse en madre aunque no cuente con el apoyo de su esposo.

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Todas Mis Lolas

That night Lola had her best friend s wedding. This fact provokes her inner motion that challenges her desire and sets a conflict on her personality traits.

Esa noche Lola tiene el casamiento de su mejor amiga, éste hecho le genera mucho movimiento interno poniendo en cuestión su propio deseo y en conflicto sus aspectos.

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