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Crianceros del Viento

En la estepa patagónica, el agua y el pasto son escasos. Desde el paraje Curaco en Neuquén, una familia de pequeños productores caprinos –los Alarcón- sigue las huellas históricas de la trashumancia camino a la Cordillera del Viento. Peregrinan cientos de kms para llegar a la veranada y alimentar la nueva crianza. Don Atilio, cantautor y criancero, reflexiona acerca de sus raíces y de este oficio en estrecha relación con el terruño y los ciclos de la naturaleza. Una forma de vida que se extingue y erosiona, O un legado ancestral capaz de rebrotar en las generaciones herederas.

The summer is approaching and the water and the grass are scarce. A family of small caprine producers follows the historical tracks of transhumance on the way to Cordillera del Viento. They must go on a pilgrimage of hundreds of kilometers in order to get to the summer pasture in order to feed the new breeding of kids. Atilio Alarcón, singer-songwriter and goatherd, reflects on his own roots and those of this trade that is closely related to the land as well as nature’s cycles.

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A single mother embarks on a little adventure after being left alone on a summer night.

Una madre soltera se expone a una pequeña aventura tras haberse quedado sola una noche de verano.

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Mi Otro Hijo

Sometimes with the sons, it happens as with the drawing, they do not come out as you imagined. This is Gusti’s story. A father who goes through bewilderment and denial, to the most unconditional love for his new son, upon discovering that he has Down Syndrome.

Esta es la historia de Gusti. Un padre que pasa del desconcierto y la negación al amor incondicional por su nuevo hijo al descubrir que tiene Síndrome de Down. Desde su tablero de dibujo, conflictuado, reflexiona «a veces con los hijos pasa como con el dibujo, no te salen como lo imaginabas».

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Mujer Medicina

A journey of spiritual transformation.

Un viaje de transformación espiritual.

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Hacer la Vida

Lucy desea liberarse, Mónica anhela ser madre, Lorenzo quiere sexo sado, La Rusa y Mercedes buscan amor, Gaby quiere ser Odette. Sus deseos se despliegan en un edificio porteño. Las historias se cruzan y nadie será igual tras abrir la puerta a su secreto.

Lucy wants to break free, Monica yearns to be a mother, Lorenzo wants sadomasochist sex, La Rusa and Mercedes seek love, Gaby wants to be Odette. Their desires unfold in a Buenos Aires building. Stories are crossed and no one will be the same after the door of their secrets is opened.

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40 Tableros

Isolated by World War II, a chess player blindly confronts 40 rivals to break a world record.

Aislado por la Segunda Guerra Mundial, un ajedrecista se enfrenta a ciegas a 40 rivales para romper un record mundial.

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A businessman hires an ex-convict to perform a commissioned crime. But their motivations are as obscure as the crime itself.

Un empresario contrata a un ex-presidiario para que realice un crimen por encargo. Pero sus motivaciones son tan oscuras como el crimen mismo.

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Set in the late nineties, in the midst of privatization and the rise of poverty, Cartero follows closely Hernán, a young man full of illusions who gets a job at the Central Post Office. There a colleague teaches him the codes of the trade, but the harsh reality will force him to break them.

Ambientada a fines de los noventa, en pleno auge de las privatizaciones y crecimiento de la pobreza, Cartero sigue de cerca a Hernán, un joven lleno de ilusiones que consigue un empleo en el Correo Central. Allí un colega le enseña los códigos del oficio, pero la dura realidad lo obligará a romperlos.
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It is the story of Alicia, a woman who finds a way to go to the other side; -through a strange family- to reconnect whit her dead son again.

Es la historia de Alicia, una mujer que encuentra la forma de pasarse al otro lado;-por medio de una extraña familia- para reencontrarse con su hijo fallecido.

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La de Messi

Lautaro (11 years old) and José (6 years old) learned to find, in others that they throw away, the daily sustenance that their family needs. Lautaro protects a little brother from a situation that occurs violently between his parents. The next day, José discovers a message on his album of world figures. Messi’s, his favorite, is no longer the same as before. Your family either.

Lautaro y José aprendieron a encontrar en lo que otros desechan el sustento diario que su familia necesita. Lautaro protege a su hermanito de una situación que se intuye violenta entre sus padres. Al día siguiente, José descubre un mensaje en su álbum de figuritas del Mundial. La de Messi, su favorita, ya no luce como antes. Su familia tampoco.

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A Una Legua

The life and work of the musician Camilo Carabajal combine folklore and digital technology, in a confluence of artistic tradition and scientific research that takes us to the forefront of the fusion between aesthetics and science in the 21st century.

En la vida y obra del músico Camilo Carabajal se conjugan el folclore y la tecnología digital, en una confluencia de tradición artística e investigación científica que nos lleva a la vanguardia de la fusión entre estética y ciencia en el Siglo XXI.
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Una Noche Solos

Celina and Alejo have a 4-year-old son, are going through a rough patch and decide to spend a night alone.

Celina y Alejo tienen un hijo de 4 años de edad, están desencontrados como pareja y desean pasar una noche solos.

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El Hijo

Lorenzo is a desperate father who will do everything possible to get his son back from his obsessive and overprotective wife.

Lorenzo es un padre desesperado que hará todo lo posible por recuperar a su hijo de las manos de su esposa obsesiva y sobreprotectora.

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Un arbitro que por las noches imita a Serrat, un DT que apela a mensajes de autoayuda para motivar a su equipo, un jugador héroe que planea retirarse y un dirigente que pone su ingenio para que el club sobreviva. Lo que la película narra es simple, genuino. Un retrato del mundo del fútbol de ascenso en Argentina.

A referee who is a Joan Manuel Serrat impersonator in the evenings, a coach who resorts to self-help phrases to motivate the team, an idol player with retirement plans, and a club official who comes up with ideas to help the club survive. What the film narrates is simple and honest. A portrait of the world of the promotion football league in Argentina.

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El Origen de la Tristeza

It’s the story of Gavilan, a 12-year-old boy who spends his days with his friends. A plan to debut sexually and the death of a friend will bring him closer to some of the revelations that life has prepared for he: pain, sadness and the inevitable end of childhood.

Es la historia del Gavilán, un chico de 12 años que pasa los días con sus amigos. Un plan para debutar sexualmente y la muerte de un amigo lo acercarán a algunas de las revelaciones que la vida le tiene preparada: el dolor, la tristeza y el inevitable fin de la infancia.

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La Casa de Arguello

After the appearance her uncle’s¬ remains, disappeared in Argentina military dictatorship, Valentina (documentary’s director, born in jail) explores the stories of her grandmother-Mother of Plaza de Mayo and her mother-political prisoner- to find those memories that her mind does not seem to find.

Tras la aparición de los restos de su tío desaparecido en la última dictadura militar Argentina, Valentina (directora del documental, nacida en cautiverio) profundiza en los relatos de su abuela-Madre de Plaza de Mayo- y su madre- presa política- para intentar dar con los recuerdos que su memoria no registra.

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A man in his thirties who doesn’t know what he wants to do in life is raped at home by a lesbian couple who desperately wants to have a child. However, their lives were already intertwined long before the violent event.

Un treintañero que no sabe qué hacer con su vida, es violado en su casa por una pareja de lesbianas que buscan desesperadamente tener un hijo. Sin embargo, sus vidas ya estaban entrelazadas mucho antes del violento suceso.

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Río Mekong

Nobody crosses the same river twice.

Nadie cruza dos veces el mismo río.

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Colonia Delicia

Ela lives in Colonia Delicia, Misiones and travels through the sexual awakening. Her father rejects her concerns out of fear. The appearance of Ivan, a photographer, awakens in Ela the illusion of satiating her desires, but vanishes when she reveals that Ivan’s sexual intentions are different to hers.

Ela vive en Colonia Delicia, Misiones y transita por el despertar sexual. Su padre rechaza sus inquietudes por temor. La aparición de Iván, un fotógrafo, despierta en Ela la ilusión de saciar sus deseos, pero se desvanece cuando revela que las intenciones de Iván son diferentes ante su sexualidad.

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Inaugurated by Lanusse’s military government and built un- der the motto “The neighborhood of the future”, Lugano I and II is today a place filled with signs and paths their promoters left for good. The film moves among the ghosts of the past and life in the present.

Inaugurado por el gobierno militar de Lanusse y construido bajo el lema “El barrio del año 2000”, Lugano I y II hoy es un lugar repleto de señales y recorridos que sus ideólogos dejaron programados para siempre. La película se mueve entre los fantasmas del pasado y la vida en el presente.

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Un Viaje a la Luna

Tomás es un outsider de 13 años. Su madre lo atormenta para que no repita el año escolar y lo obliga a tomar medicamentos antipsicóticos. En su necesidad de escapar de la realidad, planea un intrigante viaje a la luna. En esta excursión en donde lo real y la ciencia ficción se confunden, Tomás va a desentramar un viejo secreto familiar.

Tomas is an outcast young teenager trying to pass an exam. His family is constantly pressing him and her mother forces him to take antipsychotic drugs. In his need to escape, Tomas plans an intriguing trip to the moon. In this particular journey where reality and fiction mingles, he will disentangle an old family secret.
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Los Invasores

Una escuela recibe una amenaza de bomba y debe ser evacuada, pero Vicente, un niño de 10 años, no se entera. Cuando regresa a su aula descubre que todos desaparecieron.

A school receives a bomb threat and it must be evacuated quickly, but Vicente, a ten years old child, doesn`t notice. When he does return to his classroom he discovers that everyone disappeared.

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El Corral

No one is safe from becoming one more sheep.

Nadie está a salvo de convertirse en una oveja más.
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El Pampero

A man hemmed in by his terminal illness decides to draw himself away from everything and embark upon a journey in his old sailing boat, fully stocked with provisions and seeking refuge in nature’s embrace. A young woman, escaping from a crime she claims to have not committed, will disrupt his plans. Helping her escape from the clutches of a coast guard in need of company will be the last chance for him to feel alive.
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Desire can be your enemy. / El deseo puede ser tu enemigo.

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Invariably, a hunter gets caught in a circle that leads him to madness.
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CENTAUR is a Greek-Creole western that is set amongst the palm trees and TV aerials of the soy producing Pampas. When the bad gaucho invokes the spirit of his dead brother, the drama of representation is unleashed. Violence –always instrumental– emerges in the form of a whip-knife carried by the horse-man. In short, the centaur, just like the gaucho, is a myth, but an interrupted myth that was lost far away and long ago. Only that this story occurs nearby and in more recent times.
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De Vuelta

Leon and Anna are Russians but they live in Argentina; in a few days she’s going back to Russia with her mother, tonight is the farewell party and she tries to convince Leon to stay together against the odds.
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El Trabajo Indistrial

On the assembly line red cans go by. The worker repeats the same sequence of movements. One day, he takes a can from the line and reads the instructions for use. Acting and working are industrial exercises. Everything that needs to be said, is said in the locker room.
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Reina de Corazones

A trans documentary… / Un documental trans…
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Breve Historia en el Planeta

Two astronauts arrive on a strange planet and explore it in search for intelligent life. But when they finally encounter the local civilization, the travelers’ mission suffers a new and unexpected setback.
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No te Olvides de Mí

Buenos Aires province, a summer in the 30`s. Mateo, an ex anarchist convict, travels around the pampa, in his old truck, trying to recover his past life. A casual encounter changes his destination.
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La Canoa de Ulises

Itaeté and Ulises, a Guraní old man and a guaraní young teenager, are immersed into the jungle, building a canoe. Itaeté is trying instilling a traditional legacy in the boy, but Ulises isn’t very interested. His true calling is music. He’s a rapper.
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The recovery of a silent feature film from 1924, banned by the Italian fascism, reveals the path of the Waldensians, a medieval heretic movement that became the world’s first protestant church. The documentary is a mirror´s game between reality and representation, between the medieval Waldensians and actual communities with different languages in Italy, Argentina, Uruguay and the United States, wondering why the waldensian heresy has resisted for more than eight centuries.

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El Chicho

Chicho dives into the days of a country man after a significant loss and into the violence and tension between him and his next door neighbor.
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Tras la Pantalla

A documentary portrait of the film distributor Pascual Condito and the world of Argentine cinema. Tired of the difficult moment he is going through with his distribution company, is thinking over a crucial decision that will allow him to continue safely in the world of film until the end of his days.
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Campaña AntiArgentina

A famous actor receives a house of inheritance where he finds hidden items that account for an alleged campaign against Argentina.
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Madres de los Dioses

Patagonia. A small valley in the Andes Mountains. Four women alone. Four unique ways to live their spirituality.
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Diamante Mandarín

Buenos Aires 2001. In a supermarket in the suburbs a chinese family decides to close the market for the fear of the looting being committed throughout the city. The days pass by and the family tries to keep their normal lives but the fear of outside lurking breaks in their family life, over and over.
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La Niña de Tacones Amarillos

For an entire year, a small town up northeast Argentina undertakes the construction of a hotel. Young Isabel goes through the first-hand experience of a clash of cultures.
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El Pez Ha Muerto

Pamela is about to receive her first communion and she believes her faith, no matter if it’s the size of a grain of sand, can move mountains. Her grandfather is sick and she tries to heal him. Can a miracle be a divine proof?
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El Hijo Buscado

Ana and Alvaro have been trying to become parents for many years and this circumstance has soured the relationship and deteriorated their bond. Ana has begun to show peaks of anguish, so Alvaro decides on a resource he had never considered before: to travel to the north of Argentina and adopt a child illegally. In a small town near the Brazilian border, where purchasing babies is an every-day fact, Alvaro
must face a sordid and unknown world, where he takes some decisions that will change the characters’ destiny.
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La Vida de Alguien

. “La vida de alguien” parece preguntarse por el camino del héroe en la sociedad contemporánea. ¿Dónde puede constituirse lo heroico en la ciudad posmoderna? ¿Qué importancia tienen hoy los principios? ¿Cómo pensar la amistad ante una ausencia física? ¿Es posible el duelo sin regodearse en la melancolía?
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Su Realidad

The story takes place in a parallel world during a tour of the musician Daniel Melingo in Europe. What looks like real not always is. With elements of surrealism, the 1930s and the 21st century, the plot accompanies him always focused on the intermediate times, when he downs the stage, away from the show.
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El Secreto de Lucía

Una particular historia de amor en la que circulan secretos y mentiras, y se tensa en lo que cada personaje oculta o disimula.

Sobre el final se despliega una única y radical verdad que ilumina el desenlace y convierte a los espectadores en dichosos cómplices.
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Sin trabajo, Diego mantiene su objetivo: volver a vivir a la ciudad cueste lo que cueste y se transforma en un obsesivo vendedor en el showroom de un edificio.

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Rocío and Melina, two pre-adolescent girls, experience the end of their childhood and of the strong friendship that bounds them together.
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María y el Araña

MARIA Y EL ARAÑA es la historia de María, una chica de trece años que vive en una villa de emergencia de Buenos Aires junto a su abuela y el oscuro compañero de esta. Candidata a recibir una beca para continuar su escolaridad, María está terminando la primaria y trabaja al mismo tiempo en el subte. Allí va a conocer a un chico de 17 años que se gana la vida haciendo malabares disfrazado de Hombre Araña. A medida que el amor crece entre ambos, se irá descubriendo dentro de la casa de María, el entretejido de un lazo siniestro que la mantiene sometida.
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Salvar al Niño

Tres mujeres, tres historias y un niño para ser rescatado.
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