Films: Historias Breves

Palito Bombón Helado

A grandmother and her grandson. A quiet afternoon in the park during springtime. A ruthless duel where the wittiest one will prevail.

Una abuela y su nieto, una bella tarde de primavera en la plaza, y un duelo despiadado donde el más ingenioso ganará.
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Instrucciones para Adela

Three women, three generations. Time passes by and a farewell becomes inminent. A grandmother, a mother and a daughter spend the day in a family sailboat. Some look backwards and some look forward.

Tres mujeres, tres generaciones, el paso del tiempo y una despedida inminente. Abuela, madre e hija pasan el día en un velero familiar. Algunas miran hacia atrás y otras miran hacia adelante.

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El Agua de los Sueños

In the South America of the 16th century, an Inca shaman gives Alvar Mayor the opportunity of an encounter with the demon Chahuar to ask him to save his daughter. This way, Alvar submerges in a Pre-Columbian legend in which the line between reality and dreams will become blurred.

En Sudamérica del siglo XVI, un chamán inca proporciona a Alvar Mayor la ocasión para un encuentro con el demonio Chahuar con el objetivo de que salve a su hija. Alvar se sumerge así en una leyenda precolombina en la que se desdibujará el límite entre la realidad y el sueño.

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La de Messi

Lautaro (11 years old) and José (6 years old) learned to find, in others that they throw away, the daily sustenance that their family needs. Lautaro protects a little brother from a situation that occurs violently between his parents. The next day, José discovers a message on his album of world figures. Messi’s, his favorite, is no longer the same as before. Your family either.

Lautaro y José aprendieron a encontrar en lo que otros desechan el sustento diario que su familia necesita. Lautaro protege a su hermanito de una situación que se intuye violenta entre sus padres. Al día siguiente, José descubre un mensaje en su álbum de figuritas del Mundial. La de Messi, su favorita, ya no luce como antes. Su familia tampoco.

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Una Noche Solos

Celina and Alejo have a 4-year-old son, are going through a rough patch and decide to spend a night alone.

Celina y Alejo tienen un hijo de 4 años de edad, están desencontrados como pareja y desean pasar una noche solos.

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Toda mi Alegría

1997, Christmas eve. Camila (11) steals a shirt from her brother, rides a bike and gets distracted by a guy who buys fireworks. She gets into the water, plays with her cousins and wears a dress for the dinner. After observing her family through a vhs camera, Camila begins to register herself.

1997, Nochebuena. Camila (11) le roba una camisa a su hermano, monta una bicicleta y se distrae con un tipo que compra fuegos artificiales. Ella se mete en la piscina, juega con sus primos y usa un vestido para la cena. Después de observar a su familia a través de una cámara de vhs, Camila comienza a registrarse a sí misma.

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Los Invasores

Una escuela recibe una amenaza de bomba y debe ser evacuada, pero Vicente, un niño de 10 años, no se entera. Cuando regresa a su aula descubre que todos desaparecieron.

A school receives a bomb threat and it must be evacuated quickly, but Vicente, a ten years old child, doesn`t notice. When he does return to his classroom he discovers that everyone disappeared.

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Invariably, a hunter gets caught in a circle that leads him to madness.
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CENTAUR is a Greek-Creole western that is set amongst the palm trees and TV aerials of the soy producing Pampas. When the bad gaucho invokes the spirit of his dead brother, the drama of representation is unleashed. Violence –always instrumental– emerges in the form of a whip-knife carried by the horse-man. In short, the centaur, just like the gaucho, is a myth, but an interrupted myth that was lost far away and long ago. Only that this story occurs nearby and in more recent times.
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De Vuelta

Leon and Anna are Russians but they live in Argentina; in a few days she’s going back to Russia with her mother, tonight is the farewell party and she tries to convince Leon to stay together against the odds.
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El Trabajo Indistrial

On the assembly line red cans go by. The worker repeats the same sequence of movements. One day, he takes a can from the line and reads the instructions for use. Acting and working are industrial exercises. Everything that needs to be said, is said in the locker room.
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Breve Historia en el Planeta

Two astronauts arrive on a strange planet and explore it in search for intelligent life. But when they finally encounter the local civilization, the travelers’ mission suffers a new and unexpected setback.
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La Canoa de Ulises

Itaeté and Ulises, a Guraní old man and a guaraní young teenager, are immersed into the jungle, building a canoe. Itaeté is trying instilling a traditional legacy in the boy, but Ulises isn’t very interested. His true calling is music. He’s a rapper.
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El Chicho

Chicho dives into the days of a country man after a significant loss and into the violence and tension between him and his next door neighbor.
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El Dorado de Ford

Right after his father passed away, Sebastián is determined to accomplish that which his dad had left undone: to catch the Golden Dorado Henry Ford released in one of his trips to Corrientes. A myth among Parana River fishermen. In order to attain his goal Sebastián will establish an unusual relationship with Horatio, an old local fisherman who will help him.
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Una de esas Noches

Santiago joins Paco on a trip to a night club in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. After an argument with some locals, both decide to return to the city. But with no money, phone or help, the trip back will be much more difficult than what they imagined.
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Diamante Mandarín

Buenos Aires 2001. In a supermarket in the suburbs a chinese family decides to close the market for the fear of the looting being committed throughout the city. The days pass by and the family tries to keep their normal lives but the fear of outside lurking breaks in their family life, over and over.
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El Pez Ha Muerto

Pamela is about to receive her first communion and she believes her faith, no matter if it’s the size of a grain of sand, can move mountains. Her grandfather is sick and she tries to heal him. Can a miracle be a divine proof?
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Rocío and Melina, two pre-adolescent girls, experience the end of their childhood and of the strong friendship that bounds them together.
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