Films: Guatemala


The bond between siblings Veronica and Ricky is tested when an unexpected visitor reappears in their lives.

El vínculo entre hermanos Verónica y Ricky se pone a prueba cuando un visitante inesperado reaparece en la vida de Verónica.

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“Sarna” reflects on the human condition in a non-human environment. A story of howls, barks and desolate glances in the outskirts of the Pan American Highway where most of its inhabitants are stray dogs that roam erratically through the gray and melancholic streets. Our look will be that of a person in the land of dogs with scabies; it will be the vision of a foreigner in the territory of dogs that rummage their bodies – scratching alienated – lying on the asphalt while they look for sunlight.
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When 17-year-old Axel finds out his girlfriend is pregnant, he tries to build a better future for them by accepting a dangerous «job» to make some extra money.

Al enterarse que su novia está embarazada y en busca de un mejor futuro, Axel, un joven de 17 años es asignado un «trabajo» para hacer dinero extra.

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