Films: graduation Thesis


Sarna Poster2

“Sarna” reflects on the human condition in a non-human environment. A story of howls, barks and desolate glances in the outskirts of the Pan American Highway where most of its inhabitants are stray dogs that roam erratically through the gray and melancholic streets. Our look will be that of a person in the land of dogs with scabies; it will be the vision of a foreigner in the territory of dogs that rummage their bodies – scratching alienated – lying on the asphalt while they look for sunlight.
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To save the last seed, the Healer calls Antü, a magical being with the power of travelling across time. What challenges will Antü face?

Para salvar la última semilla, la Curandera llama a Antü, un ser con el poder de viajar en el tiempo. ¿Con qué se encontrará Antü?

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Hojas de Yuca

still 4 (2)

A woman returns to her childhood home but both, she and that place are not the same. Only memories remain.

Una mujer regresa a la casa de su infancia, sin embargo, ni ella ni ese lugar son los mismos. Tan sólo permanecen los recuerdos.

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La Noche al Sol

La Noche al Sol 1920x1080

New Year’s Eve is here. The city is in a trance-like state. Among blackouts, fireworks, and cheap cider, a girl lets herself flow with people she doesn’t know, hoping to feel something different.

Llega noche de fin de año. La ciudad está como en trance. Entre cortes de luz, sidra barata y fuegos artificiales, una chica se dejará fluir entre gente que no conoce, buscando sentir algo diferente.

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Poster Teteras

Public toilets. Men. Sex. Alejandro Modarelli and Pablo Castro Videla share their stories about the meaning of the “Teteras” (tea rooms or cottages) during Argentina’s military dictatorship.

Baños públicos, hombres, sexo. Alejandro Modarelli y Pablo Castro Videla comparten sus testimonios sobre lo que significaron las teteras durante la dictadura militar en Argentina.

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