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La Culpa

cartaz_La Culpa_Maior

The countryside’s silence does echo of the guilt of a family lost in time and space, the desire for revenge wakes up and goes with the rays of the sun enclosing a nightmare every day. Into the blame, the private property is a clash between the power and desire of an unpunished patriarch.

El silencio del campo hace eco de la culpa de una familia perdida en el tiempo y el espacio. El deseo de venganza despierta y se va con los rayos de sol encerrando una pesadilla diaria. En la culpa, la propiedad privada es un choque entre el poder y el deseo de un patriarca impune.

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Carmen and Jose meet up again after a long time. As the reunion takes place José is letting us glimpse traits of his personality that thin the environment.

Carmen y José se vuelven a ver después de mucho tiempo, a medida que transcurre el reencuentro José va dejando entrever rasgos de su personalidad que enturbian el ambiente.

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poster casting final

In a rainy night, a young actress faces a casting, where her skills as a performer will be tested, pushed to the limit.

En una noche de lluvia, una joven actriz se enfrenta a un casting, donde sus habilidades como artista serán evaluadas, llevándolas al límite, enfrentándola a sus deseos y miedos.

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Saloon de Belleza

Saloon de Belleza Poster

Dos peluqueros, un puesto de trabajo y un duelo que decidirá al ganador.

Two hairdressers, one job and a duel that will decide the winner.

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Lucía o un Cortometraje sobre el Amor

A situation that is left offscreen has many interpretation. As much as the amount of Manuel’s friends. Meanwhile, time goes by and the girl in question doesn’t comunícate. The road from deception to overcoming.

Un hecho que queda en fuera de campo tiene muchas interpretaciones. Tantas como amigos tiene Manuel. Mientras, el tiempo pasa y la chica en cuestión no se comunica. El paso de la decepción a la superación.

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Hipótesis Sobre una Separación


The passage of time. The passage from night to day. Two women disagree and wait while the movers take away what remains. The following day, there is nothing.
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La Breve Mañana de Ana y Martín

poster la breve mañana de ana y martin

Martin and Ana are a former couple who share many mutual friends. Things were never ok between them and after a party, Ana is very drunk. Facing a jealous rage Martin takes her home to avoid her falling into the hands of strangers with bad intentions. When Ana wakes up, begins a morning full of meanings seconds and unsolved problems
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La Moza y el Cocinero


The waitress and the cook are the owners of an Italian Restaurant, but they deceive their clients and one night their fraud is discovered.
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poster (1)

After a break up, Ana keeps her whole past in a red suitcase and she decides to leave with her pair of old roller blades. The moment she´s struggling to carry her heavy suitcase, without knowing it, she starts facing the unknown future that is waiting for her.
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La Curva te lleva Derecho


Evitando el aspecto quirúrgico en la revisión de la propia realidad, Santiago, al contrario de diseccionar, cuenta la historia de su presente, desde su mismo presente. Santiago comparte con sus estudiantes su vida personal y amorosa teñidos por el mito y la fantasía, ofreciéndoles una enseñanza única y personal.
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La Planta

La Planta_1

Mauro and Gloria come across each other. The former couple goes for a cup of coffee to catch up. A plant unleashes old resentment between them, turning the present into the same hell as it was in the past.
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La Niña de Tacones Amarillos


For an entire year, a small town up northeast Argentina undertakes the construction of a hotel. Young Isabel goes through the first-hand experience of a clash of cultures.
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Sibarisia Poster_Serigraf

A delicate blending of visual sensations with the finest chocolate covered howls accompanied with bites of brownish perfume. A full bodied film that will delight the palate of the best gourmet.
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Rumspringa arrived. Amish youth must decide whether baptized in your community or leave it, going to live in the city. Bernhard knows what he wants to do with his life, but he also knows that he will not please their parents…
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La Muerte de Martín Fierro

Poster_-_La Muerte de Martin Fierro

An old gaucho returns to the land he used to belong with only one wish. On the way, he meets a young boy who joins him to find an old coronel who was part of the man’s past, and so, face off in a noble and heroic grand final duel.
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For Ruben, what seemed like another day, unbearable commute to work will become a decisive debate with the most unexpected companion.
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The life of Lisa, a girl of eight years, is going to change when her mother decides, secretly, sell the piano she inherited from her grandmother and that is his inner world. Joseph, her grandfather, will take the most unthinkable action to maintain the happiness of Lisa.
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Three Young women are locked inside an apartment sharing their loneliness during a whole night until the morning. Love is idealized and distorted into a selfish and impossible concept, where the postmodern desire is the only possible utopia we can rely on.
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La Lengua que se Comió el Gato

la lengua que se comio el gato 2

Josefina spends an afternoon at the home of his father. The visit is distressing because she does not feel part of the family ties.
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Nosotros, Ustedes, Ellos


Un encuentro por azar. Sin quererlo y sin planearlo, un día entero juntos. Quererse o creer que se quiere. Repetir la misma acción hasta el cansancio. Quererse, o querer creerlo. Ahora, simular estar contentos y jugar a evadirse cuantas veces sea necesario. El deber de separarse, saberlo, no querer, pero tener que hacerlo.
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Para los Amigos

PLA gra¦üfica baja

One afternoon, six teenage friends gather around at a cemetery. They appear to be rambling: they film each other among horseplay and crossed relationships. Talking about death, drinking mate. Chating about dreams, smoking marihuana. They compare the place with school and avoid issues. Music plays, they’re alive. The place seems familiar. They dance, carefree, in between jokes that a funeral procession interrupts only slightly. But the seemingly aimless afternoon does have a point.
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La Montaña que Llora

LMQL Poster

Guillermina es una joven colla del noroeste argentino que no puede llorar y quiere ser libre. En el velorio de su marido decide abandonar la sala. Sube la montaña siguiendo un cóndor que vuela en lo alto. Comienza a recordar su triste juventud con su marido borracho y también el día que conoció a la única persona que la supo entender. La memoria y el presente se fusionan en una pequeña casa abandonada. Cuando la soledad es muy grande los espíritus a veces son la única compañía.
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Sobre la Hora

Sobre la Hora_-_Poster Final

A journey to a soccer match makes Lionel, Andres and Alan continue discovering aspects of their strange friendship.
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Un Clásico

Un Clásico_Poster

Anónimo, escritor de cuentos infantiles, encuentra el final para su obra maestra titulada “El Cuento de la Buena Pipa”. A causa de una mala pasada del destino y de su sordera, Anónimo terminará siendo el creador de una broma popular latinoamericana.
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