Films: FADU

Estilo Libre

Estilo Libre.Still015

Cuatro freestylers de diferentes edades y contextos sociales improvisan sobre la misma serie de imágenes de archivo. A través de la combinación de estas distintas versiones se forma una sola improvisación que deja ver las similitudes y diferencias entre ellos.

Four freestyle rappers of different ages and backgrounds improvise about the same footage. As a result of the combination of these different versions, a unique improvisation emerges, which reflects the similarities and differences between them.

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Ahí Viene el Avioncito

Ahi viene el avioncito1

The game of the airplane that makes a Grandmother to her grandson has serious consequences when he imagines much more than expected.

El juego del avioncito que le hace una Abuelita a su nieto bebé tiene consecuencias graves cuando este imagina mucho más de lo esperado.

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No Hay Nieve en Navidad

Poster_No hay Nieve en Navidad

Nicole is 15 years old, it’s been awhile since she’s managed to maintain a good relationship with her family. She feels alone and misunderstood. She tends to spend long hours writing and drawing in her bedroom. Her family doesn’t really know how to restore the bond. Nicole has a secret. She scolds herself by making little cuts on her wrist. On Christmas’ Eve she cuts too deeply. Her family tries to spend Christmas’ Day, a really distressing one, the best they can. Nobody knows what to say or how to take the first step to face the situation. In the end, it’s her brother Manuel who, in his own way, approaches her; letting her know that he, as well, feels lonely.
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Jasy Pora

Jasy Porã Poster

This is a movie about the resistance, the love and the harmony with nature against the brutality of the world.
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Around the fire, six figures are found. One of them starts a journey.
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Quiero saber por qué me dejaste


Matias and Luciana are boyfriends and they have a solid relationship; or at least that’s what Matias believes. Everything falls apart when Luciana, without any explanation, decides to break up with him. After the brake up, Matias enters in a circle of assumptions and guesses about why did she dumped him. Everything will change after the unusual, but revealing theory that gives his good friend Julian, who defines himself as an expert and amateur philosopher of human relationships.
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No Hay Bestias


After the mysterious disappearance of his aunt, Mateo begins to remember his childhood at her land in the wild. Between a series of telephone conversations, pierced with the images of two families in the same house, we enter a timeless journey bounded by three stories where the visible occupants get mixed up with the invisible ones.
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Un joven boxeador deambula entre el gimnasio y su casa. Su padre entregado a la bebida y a las carreras de caballo, proyecta en él la esperanza de salida de su angustiosa rutina.
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Ahora es Nunca


Una mirada particular sobre el desencuentro amoroso, de los vínculos no realizados y de las relaciones posibles que no llegan… y de la ventana como manera de asomarnos a otras vidas que pueden terminar siendo la propia. Una mirada sobre una generación de jóvenes que viven en pequeños universos contenidos en la urbanidad de una Buenos Aires de principios del Siglo XXI.
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Esta no es una Historia de Amor


What happens when the man is left? What happens when you can not move on? This is about “This is not a love story” the story of Mateo.
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