Films: Ecuador

Azules Turquesas

Isabella es internada varias veces en centros de rehabilitación debido a sus adicciones; en su camino descubre un universo de seres humanos complejos que intentan entender cómo encajar en instituciones cuyos tratamientos se basan en la violencia y el sinsentido.

Isabella is hospitalized several times in rehabilitation centers due to her addictions; during her process she discovers a universe of complex human beings. Together they will try to understand how to survive institutions whose treatments are based on violence and nonsensical practices.

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Dulce Espera

A middle-age woman will try to become a mother without her husband’s support.

Una mujer de mediana edad buscará convertirse en madre aunque no cuente con el apoyo de su esposo.

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Mujeres Frente al Espejo

A group of drag queen artist called «4D sister and cousin». They tell their life on stage and his life when the lights go out, when the makeup and costumes are out. They tell their experiences, dreams, anecdotes and as through this art started a wonderful family.
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La Lengua que se Comió el Gato

Josefina spends an afternoon at the home of his father. The visit is distressing because she does not feel part of the family ties.
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