Films: Berlinale

Toda mi Alegría


1997, Christmas eve. Camila (11) steals a shirt from her brother, rides a bike and gets distracted by a guy who buys fireworks. She gets into the water, plays with her cousins and wears a dress for the dinner. After observing her family through a vhs camera, Camila begins to register herself.

1997, Nochebuena. Camila (11) le roba una camisa a su hermano, monta una bicicleta y se distrae con un tipo que compra fuegos artificiales. Ella se mete en la piscina, juega con sus primos y usa un vestido para la cena. Después de observar a su familia a través de una cámara de vhs, Camila comienza a registrarse a sí misma.

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Cntauro 5

CENTAUR is a Greek-Creole western that is set amongst the palm trees and TV aerials of the soy producing Pampas. When the bad gaucho invokes the spirit of his dead brother, the drama of representation is unleashed. Violence –always instrumental– emerges in the form of a whip-knife carried by the horse-man. In short, the centaur, just like the gaucho, is a myth, but an interrupted myth that was lost far away and long ago. Only that this story occurs nearby and in more recent times.
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Rocío and Melina, two pre-adolescent girls, experience the end of their childhood and of the strong friendship that bounds them together.
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