Los Rotos


In a restless city, an ex-teen couple reunites in a motel. They go through a series of situations where they will realize that this is their last encounter. Both will embark on a psychedelic journey looking for what they lack.

En una ciudad inquieta, una ex pareja adolescente se encuentra para ir a un hotel alojamiento. Allí atraviesan una serie de situaciones que dan cuenta que éste es su último encuentro. Ambos emprenderán un viaje psicodélico en la noche porteña buscando eso que tanto les falta.

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Afiche vergel redes espaniol

In a department full of plants, a woman waits for her husband’s body to be delivered.

En un departamento lleno de plantas, una mujer espera que le entreguen el cuerpo de su marido.

Num departamento cheio de plantas, uma mulher espera que o corpo do marido lhe seja entregue.

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Poster Román2

An unexpected sexual awakening and the concealment of an unavoidable desire constitute the main motor of Román.

Un inesperado despertar sexual y el ocultamiento de un deseo ineludible constituyen el principal motor de Román.

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unnamed-1 (1)

A young woman has to make a decision about her unwanted pregnancy while resolving a mystery.

Una chica tiene que tomar una decisión sobre su embarazo mientras resuelve un misterio.

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WhatsApp Image 2018-06-06 at 01.46.01

Ana attends her friend’s birthday and experiences a night of unexpected discomfort that is squandering her confidence. Neither with the birthday girl nor with her possible affaire, she does not manage to make a connection so as not to feel in a completely opposite environment, incompatible with her personality.

Ana asiste al cumpleaños de su amiga y experimenta una noche de incomodidades inesperadas que van dilapidando su confianza. Ni con la cumpleañera ni con su posible affaire, logra enlazar una conexión para no sentirse en un ambiente completamente opuesto e incompatible a su personalidad.

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La Noche al Sol

La Noche al Sol 1920x1080

New Year’s Eve is here. The city is in a trance-like state. Among blackouts, fireworks, and cheap cider, a girl lets herself flow with people she doesn’t know, hoping to feel something different.

Llega noche de fin de año. La ciudad está como en trance. Entre cortes de luz, sidra barata y fuegos artificiales, una chica se dejará fluir entre gente que no conoce, buscando sentir algo diferente.

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El Silencio es un Cuerpo que Cae

ESEUCQC_61x91.jpg nuevo 2-1

After my father died, the details of his life get lost in silence. My need to get to know him, reveals a story marked by his public homosexuality and political activism until his 40s, and the absolute secret of his past after he got married.
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Buenos Aires at night. In an old eccentric gallery that has seen its majesty gone away, an entrepreneurial Asian group is interested in buying the property. In this hallway of indifference and speculations a new relationship between Dante and Malena is born, two young guys who desire to live an adventure: Malena pushes Dante to steal her father’s gallery.

Acapulco, una galería que supo tener sus momentos de éxito, ha quedado en el pasado. En este pasillo de desapego y especulaciones nace una relación entre dos jóvenes que buscan vivir una aventura: Malena incita a Dante a robar la galería de su padre.

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Bromuro de Amor


A dangerous game takes this secret love to a tragic passional displace.

La joven Xiaomei trama cada día peligrosos juegos contra Lin Hao, su amante fugaz.

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Un arbitro que por las noches imita a Serrat, un DT que apela a mensajes de autoayuda para motivar a su equipo, un jugador héroe que planea retirarse y un dirigente que pone su ingenio para que el club sobreviva. Lo que la película narra es simple, genuino. Un retrato del mundo del fútbol de ascenso en Argentina.

A referee who is a Joan Manuel Serrat impersonator in the evenings, a coach who resorts to self-help phrases to motivate the team, an idol player with retirement plans, and a club official who comes up with ideas to help the club survive. What the film narrates is simple and honest. A portrait of the world of the promotion football league in Argentina.

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Entre Dos Aguas

Entre dos Aguas (8)

A teenager girl wants to save a horse that’s about to die in the slaughterhouse, and she’s willing to do anything to save it.

Una adolescente roba un caballo que está a punto de morir en un frigorífico y va a hacer lo necesario para intentar salvarlo.

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Manuel attends the Chines New Year celebration, where he meets Danilo. The relationship does not prosper. Later, he meets Eloísa. The passion ingnites, the attraction is mutual. What Manuel doesn’t know is that her life and Danilo’s are too close.

Manuel asiste al festejo del Año Nuevo Chino, allí conoce a Danilo. La relación entre ellos no prospera. Días más tarde conecta con una bella joven, Eloisa. La atracción es mutua y la pasión se enciende. Lo que Manuel desconoce es que las vidas de Danilo y Eloisa están demasiado cerca.

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Triple Crimen


An essay documentary from the eye of storm.

Un documental desde el ojo de la tormenta.

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Colonia Delicia


Ela lives in Colonia Delicia, Misiones and travels through the sexual awakening. Her father rejects her concerns out of fear. The appearance of Ivan, a photographer, awakens in Ela the illusion of satiating her desires, but vanishes when she reveals that Ivan’s sexual intentions are different to hers.

Ela vive en Colonia Delicia, Misiones y transita por el despertar sexual. Su padre rechaza sus inquietudes por temor. La aparición de Iván, un fotógrafo, despierta en Ela la ilusión de saciar sus deseos, pero se desvanece cuando revela que las intenciones de Iván son diferentes ante su sexualidad.

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Inaugurated by Lanusse’s military government and built un- der the motto “The neighborhood of the future”, Lugano I and II is today a place filled with signs and paths their promoters left for good. The film moves among the ghosts of the past and life in the present.

Inaugurado por el gobierno militar de Lanusse y construido bajo el lema “El barrio del año 2000”, Lugano I y II hoy es un lugar repleto de señales y recorridos que sus ideólogos dejaron programados para siempre. La película se mueve entre los fantasmas del pasado y la vida en el presente.

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Juan and Ismael are great friends who work at an impound lot in Moreno. In their truck, they go through winter and coexist with the roughness of their work. Their friendship is a wall that’s hard to break. But one day they meet a different customer.

Juan e Ismael son grandes amigos que trabajan en un corralón de Moreno. Montados al camión, atraviesan el invierno y conviven con las asperezas de su tarea. La amistad entre ellos es un muro difícil de romper. Pero un día se encuentran con un cliente diferente.

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18 - Afiche Orione 3

A story with no solution.

Una historia sin solución.

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El Corral

Afiche en baja

No one is safe from becoming one more sheep.

Nadie está a salvo de convertirse en una oveja más.
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El Pampero


A man hemmed in by his terminal illness decides to draw himself away from everything and embark upon a journey in his old sailing boat, fully stocked with provisions and seeking refuge in nature’s embrace. A young woman, escaping from a crime she claims to have not committed, will disrupt his plans. Helping her escape from the clutches of a coast guard in need of company will be the last chance for him to feel alive.
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Cimarron 2

Invariably, a hunter gets caught in a circle that leads him to madness.
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Un Alud


After months of quietness caused by a loss that has left Sofia emotionally paralyzed , we will witness an awakening loaded with symbolism. The life and death instincts are on dispute in a silent and intimate war.

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Emanuel arrives to his apartment in a hurry. He prepares dinner for his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend. Some messages on the answering machine change his immediate plans and cause the world he’s trying to escape from, to crumble upon him, but the world can always become lighter.
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El Perro de Ituzaingó

El Perro de Ituzaingo_Poster

In an old house in Ituzaingó, Gran Buenos Aires, Raul Perrone jumps into a new cinematic experiment along with a small crew and a few actors who participate in his workshops. Perrone does not use script or shooting plan in advance. Those accompanying him enjoy the uncertainty and intensity generated by Perrone during the shooting of his film. Ideas that structure themselves in a seemingly improvised way. As the documentary progresses we see fragments of history that starts develop in its own future. Carroggio, discreet documentarist, shows the network of relationships between the director, his actors and technicians. Simultaneously to the plot of the fiction, we perceive the plot of the documentary which forces reality into poetry. An experience that takes place at each shot, crafted with attention to detail: sharp images, tied to intimate gestures that appeal to the myth-making imagination of the viewer.
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Un Ejercicio para no Olvidar

Un Ejercicio

Cristian is a young actor who has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. While he waits for his girlfriend in a bar, his mind delves in the memories of their relationship and the mysterious figure of Rubén Alvarán, a man born in Paraguay in the early years of the 20th century.
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Noche de Perros

MUCHACHOS-Ext y Panini-23.1

Enzo works in a residential parking garage that takes a luxury car to hang out and persuades his friend Richard to go with him. But, the car’s owner is a violent mobster that turns their night into a nightmare, even though they just want to have fun.
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La Canoa de Ulises

Afiche 03 LCDU_V1 corregido

Itaeté and Ulises, a Guraní old man and a guaraní young teenager, are immersed into the jungle, building a canoe. Itaeté is trying instilling a traditional legacy in the boy, but Ulises isn’t very interested. His true calling is music. He’s a rapper.
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Tras la Pantalla

afiche TLP 04

A documentary portrait of the film distributor Pascual Condito and the world of Argentine cinema. Tired of the difficult moment he is going through with his distribution company, is thinking over a crucial decision that will allow him to continue safely in the world of film until the end of his days.
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Pastel de Cereza


Sofia is sixteen, she likes to talk over the phone with her older sister who lives in the city and smoking secretly. Maria Lujan, her best friend, likes black coffee and butter cookies; she has a girlfriend and never hesitates when doing what she feels. But one night Lujan has its first fear: Sofia kisses a girl. Lujan is filled with love but also with the certainty that falling in love is not an option.
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poster (1)

After a break up, Ana keeps her whole past in a red suitcase and she decides to leave with her pair of old roller blades. The moment she´s struggling to carry her heavy suitcase, without knowing it, she starts facing the unknown future that is waiting for her.
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Placer y Martirio


Delfina is a beautiful 45-year-old woman, who enjoys a prosperous economic situation and shares her life with her faithful husband and their teenage daughter. Through a close friend, she meets Kamil, an alleged senior businessman engaged in uncertain financial operations, who claims to be of Arab origin. Both start an idyllic relationship as lovers. Kamil is a clever and ruthless manipulator who will manage, through increasingly tiny and always in the name of love interventions, to lead Delfina to an inexplicable level of degradation and physical deterioration.
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Madres de los Dioses


Patagonia. A small valley in the Andes Mountains. Four women alone. Four unique ways to live their spirituality.
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No Hay Bestias


After the mysterious disappearance of his aunt, Mateo begins to remember his childhood at her land in the wild. Between a series of telephone conversations, pierced with the images of two families in the same house, we enter a timeless journey bounded by three stories where the visible occupants get mixed up with the invisible ones.
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La Niña de Tacones Amarillos


For an entire year, a small town up northeast Argentina undertakes the construction of a hotel. Young Isabel goes through the first-hand experience of a clash of cultures.
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During the Nazi occupation, a man visits the French town of Salers, where a crazy woman follows him. Many years later, he returns to the same city.
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The life of Lisa, a girl of eight years, is going to change when her mother decides, secretly, sell the piano she inherited from her grandmother and that is his inner world. Joseph, her grandfather, will take the most unthinkable action to maintain the happiness of Lisa.
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La Lengua que se Comió el Gato

la lengua que se comio el gato 2

Josefina spends an afternoon at the home of his father. The visit is distressing because she does not feel part of the family ties.
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Mauro walks through the city buying stuff. Anything, it doesn’t matter what. Because Mauro is a passador, as in the streets they call a man who trade fake bills.
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Sobre la Hora

Sobre la Hora_-_Poster Final

A journey to a soccer match makes Lionel, Andres and Alan continue discovering aspects of their strange friendship.
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El Adán

El Adan_-_FOTOGRAMA_01

La insistencia en las imágenes intenta sembrar un signo, marcar un surco en las retinas para recuperar lo que podría ser un recuerdo, un eco de ese otro tiempo en el que las partes posiblemente eran un todo. El eterno mito del andrógino.
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Ahora es Nunca


Una mirada particular sobre el desencuentro amoroso, de los vínculos no realizados y de las relaciones posibles que no llegan… y de la ventana como manera de asomarnos a otras vidas que pueden terminar siendo la propia. Una mirada sobre una generación de jóvenes que viven en pequeños universos contenidos en la urbanidad de una Buenos Aires de principios del Siglo XXI.
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Yo te Quiero!

Afiche_Poster_Yo te quiero! (I want it!)_1

In his usual way back from school Juancito, a solitary country boy from Patagonia, meets a little horse which seems to be abandoned. The joy of having a new and wonderful friend to play with makes the boy think he can keep it. He cannot realize that the horse is actually waiting for the return of his real owner.
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Y si no es mañana

Y si no es mañana1

Una mañana, un recorrido solitario, un desayuno para dos y algunos proyectos inconclusos.
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Liberen a García


La relación de dos chicas jóvenes en un instante de búsqueda personal y fuga de su propio universo familiar hostil.
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Constitución, un barrio marginal de la ciudad de Buenos Aires, es retratado a partir de personajes que dan vida a un gimnasio de box ubicado debajo de la estación de trenes y a peluquerías. Ellos llegaron con la ola de inmigrantes dominicanos de los últimos años. En esta mezcla de oficios y sueños, los personajes, construyen día tras día su identidad.
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Yo y Maru 2012

Yo y Maru 2012 1

Un joven recibe un video en donde aparece junto a su ex pareja, y duda sobre los pasos a seguir.
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Ramón Ayala


El documental es un homenaje y redescubrimiento de Ramón Ayala, uno de los grandes poetas y compositores del Alto Paraná, de la selva guaraní. La particular visión de la cultura popular latinoamericana de Marcos López, artista plástico y fotógrafo, está presente en un diálogo permanente con la obra de Ramón Ayala, redefiniendo una reflexión estética sobre la identidad cultural argentina.
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Rodencia y el Diente de la Princesa

Rodencia y el Diente de la Princesa_Poster

Es la historia de aventuras y amor del pequeño ratón EDAM, torpe aprendiz de mago y de la bella y segura ratoncita BRIE, quienes deberán enfrentar los más variados peligros para obtener el poder que otorga el diente de una princesa humana y así derrotar al ejército de feroces ratas comandado por el malvado ROTEX quien invade RODENCIA, el pacífico reino de los ratones, para dominarlo y quedarse con su tesoro. En el medio del bosque, la magia de la luz y la de la oscuridad, el amor y el rencor, se enfrentarán. EDAM y ROTEX lucharán sin tregua, en un duelo donde solo uno saldrá victorioso.
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El 24 de Marzo de 1976 comienza en Argentina un proceso dictatorial. Durante 7 años el gobierno militar mata a 30.000 personas e instala un sistema perverso de injusticias sociales y económicas. Coincidentemente en ese mismo día Buenos Aires es invadida por un grupo de Zombis. La plaga va creciendo, tiñendo a la ciudad de terror y desolación, encontrando su punto culmine en los años ´90.
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17:15 hs. Rosa Cherñajovsky


¿A partir de qué edad se es viejo? Chola tiene 80 años y parecería que la noticia de tener que usar lentes la sorprende como a una niña.

El espíritu jovial de Rosa Cherñajovsky no resiste un análisis de lógica matemática. ¿Será que uno tiene la edad que siente?
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Pileta Libre


A diverse cast of characters get involved through a fainting swimming pool, which water gets worse and worse. One death by poisoning will decide the boy to try and recover the swimming pool, in spite of the waves of new visitors.

La vida de varios personajes confluye en la misma pileta remota, que cada vez tiene menos y peor agua. Una muerte por intoxicación hará tomar conciencia a un niño, que tratará de recuperar la pileta a pesar de la continua llegada de nuevos visitantes.
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