A camera burst into the privacy of Elida Baldomir, the only woman with military responsibility in Tupamara Guerilla. The end of her life takes place in a small apartment in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the sole company of her cat. Years of imprisonment and the long-lasting effects of torture dwell in her body; in every step, with every memory, and in every look.  


Laura Linares (1978, Argentina), It’s a documentary filmmaker, currently finishing the post production of her third film, Marquetalia (INCAA, 2019). She premiered her second film, «Dulce Espera» («Expectancy», INCAA, 2011), winner of the Raymundo Gleyzer Prize and official selection of the Malaga Film Festival. In 2005, at the Mar del Plata Film Festival, she premiered «Zapatillas Nuevas», winner of the contest “Films About the Crisis» (INCAA, 2003). She is formed in filmmaking, dramaturgy and script writing.  

Guion y direccion Laura Linares

Protagonista: Elida Baldomir

Produccion: hernan virues laura linares

Produccion ejecutiva: hernan Virues

Sonido directo: Andres Perugini

Dir de foto: Melina Terribili.

Camara: melina terribili Laura Linares

Montaje: Pablo Rabe


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