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Manuel attends the Chines New Year celebration, where he meets Danilo. The relationship does not prosper. Later, he meets Eloísa. The passion ingnites, the attraction is mutual. What Manuel doesn’t know is that her life and Danilo’s are too close.

Manuel asiste al festejo del Año Nuevo Chino, allí conoce a Danilo. La relación entre ellos no prospera. Días más tarde conecta con una bella joven, Eloisa. La atracción es mutua y la pasión se enciende. Lo que Manuel desconoce es que las vidas de Danilo y Eloisa están demasiado cerca.

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Nachi is twenty-six years old. The discouragement and dissatisfaction for the present that can’t accomplish and the near future each time more uncertain when she is four years from being thirty. She meets Nina, a rapper, has her first gay sexual relationship.

Nachi tiene veintiséis años. El desaliento y la insatisfacción por el presente que no puede lograr y el futuro cercano cada vez más incierto a cuatro años de cumplir los treinta la acechan. Justo en esa etapa conoce a Nina, una rapera con quien tiene su primera relación lésbica.

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Mater Poster

A man in his thirties who doesn’t know what he wants to do in life is raped at home by a lesbian couple who desperately wants to have a child. However, their lives were already intertwined long before the violent event.

Un treintañero que no sabe qué hacer con su vida, es violado en su casa por una pareja de lesbianas que buscan desesperadamente tener un hijo. Sin embargo, sus vidas ya estaban entrelazadas mucho antes del violento suceso.

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Jo Ok Sim junto con su familia da la vuelta al mundo hasta llegar a Ushuaia en 1974, siendo los primeros coreanos en vivir allí. El documental propone reflexionar acerca del valor del trabajo y la identidad de una familia coreana que vivió más tiempo en Argentina que en su tierra natal.

Jo Ok Sim together with her family goes around the world until arriving in Ushuaia in 1974, being the first Koreans to live there. The documentary proposes to reflect on the value of work and the identity of a Korean family that lived longer in Argentina than in their homeland.

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Leonardo Martinez (37), a mountain sportsman who suffers a spinal cord injury reveals us deep reflections on life and the human soul, showing us that boundaries are an illusion, on an an epic trip through The Andes.

Leonardo “Poke” Martinez (37), un deportista de montaña nos revela profundas reflexiones acerca de la vida y el alma humana, mostrándonos que los límites son una ilusión en un épico viaje por Los Andes.

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Bautismo de Fuego

Poster Bautismo De Fuego1

“Baptism of Fire” makes focus in a blind spot in Argentinean history. The biggest attack perpetrated by the Argentinean Navy against its own civilian population : 300 casualties. A deep look in a past that still resonates in Buenos Aires, the city that was stage and protagonist of this massacre. The scars of this bombing are still visible at Casa de Gobierno, buildings and squares around the city centre… the baptism of fire of Argentine Naval Aviation and Argentine Air Force.

Bautismo de Fuego hace foco en un punto ciego de la historia argentina. El mayor ataque contra población civil: 300 muertos. Una mirada del pasado que resuena en Buenos Aires como escenario y protagonista, cuya huella innegable es el bombardeo a la Casa de Gobierno y el centro de la ciudad. El Bautismo de Fuego de la Fuerza Aérea y Aeronaval Argentina.

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Río Mekong


Nobody crosses the same river twice.

Nadie cruza dos veces el mismo río.

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Inaugurated by Lanusse’s military government and built un- der the motto “The neighborhood of the future”, Lugano I and II is today a place filled with signs and paths their promoters left for good. The film moves among the ghosts of the past and life in the present.

Inaugurado por el gobierno militar de Lanusse y construido bajo el lema “El barrio del año 2000”, Lugano I y II hoy es un lugar repleto de señales y recorridos que sus ideólogos dejaron programados para siempre. La película se mueve entre los fantasmas del pasado y la vida en el presente.

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Juan and Ismael are great friends who work at an impound lot in Moreno. In their truck, they go through winter and coexist with the roughness of their work. Their friendship is a wall that’s hard to break. But one day they meet a different customer.

Juan e Ismael son grandes amigos que trabajan en un corralón de Moreno. Montados al camión, atraviesan el invierno y conviven con las asperezas de su tarea. La amistad entre ellos es un muro difícil de romper. Pero un día se encuentran con un cliente diferente.

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Un Viaje a la Luna


Tomás es un outsider de 13 años. Su madre lo atormenta para que no repita el año escolar y lo obliga a tomar medicamentos antipsicóticos. En su necesidad de escapar de la realidad, planea un intrigante viaje a la luna. En esta excursión en donde lo real y la ciencia ficción se confunden, Tomás va a desentramar un viejo secreto familiar.

Tomas is an outcast young teenager trying to pass an exam. His family is constantly pressing him and her mother forces him to take antipsychotic drugs. In his need to escape, Tomas plans an intriguing trip to the moon. In this particular journey where reality and fiction mingles, he will disentangle an old family secret.
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18 - Afiche Orione 3

A story with no solution.

Una historia sin solución.

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El Corral

Afiche en baja

No one is safe from becoming one more sheep.

Nadie está a salvo de convertirse en una oveja más.
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El Pampero


A man hemmed in by his terminal illness decides to draw himself away from everything and embark upon a journey in his old sailing boat, fully stocked with provisions and seeking refuge in nature’s embrace. A young woman, escaping from a crime she claims to have not committed, will disrupt his plans. Helping her escape from the clutches of a coast guard in need of company will be the last chance for him to feel alive.
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Desire can be your enemy. / El deseo puede ser tu enemigo.

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El Perro de Ituzaingó

El Perro de Ituzaingo_Poster

In an old house in Ituzaingó, Gran Buenos Aires, Raul Perrone jumps into a new cinematic experiment along with a small crew and a few actors who participate in his workshops. Perrone does not use script or shooting plan in advance. Those accompanying him enjoy the uncertainty and intensity generated by Perrone during the shooting of his film. Ideas that structure themselves in a seemingly improvised way. As the documentary progresses we see fragments of history that starts develop in its own future. Carroggio, discreet documentarist, shows the network of relationships between the director, his actors and technicians. Simultaneously to the plot of the fiction, we perceive the plot of the documentary which forces reality into poetry. An experience that takes place at each shot, crafted with attention to detail: sharp images, tied to intimate gestures that appeal to the myth-making imagination of the viewer.
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El Día Nuevo

El di¦üa nuevo, foto 5

Maldonado lives in a farm at an island in the Parana River. He lived there his whole life, like his father and grandfather. One morning, after long years, his wife Celia and his daughter Victoria leave him. Maldonado comes back to the farm after spending the morning fishing and they are no longer there. Suddenly he finds himself all alone and not knowing what to do. Life in the island does not give you a break: you have to fish, light the fire, take care of the animals; the island demands. Maldonado doesn’t abandon his tasks, but a new frailty appears in his life.
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Noche de Perros

MUCHACHOS-Ext y Panini-23.1

Enzo works in a residential parking garage that takes a luxury car to hang out and persuades his friend Richard to go with him. But, the car’s owner is a violent mobster that turns their night into a nightmare, even though they just want to have fun.
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Reina de Corazones

Queen of hearts_Poster

A trans documentary… / Un documental trans…
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El Arrullo de la Araña


The spider lullaby is a tale that deals with the reality of thousands of business area workers in peripheral zones, where the constant xenophobia, humiliation and confrontation end up being, in many cases, the only means of communication between people that, even though they can avoid it, are determined to stay in these spaces. Most of the dialogues and situations are based on true events that took place recently.
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No te Olvides de Mí

NO TE OLVIDES DE MI - Afiche Vertical

Buenos Aires province, a summer in the 30`s. Mateo, an ex anarchist convict, travels around the pampa, in his old truck, trying to recover his past life. A casual encounter changes his destination.
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La Familia Chechena


ABUBAKAR is 46 years old and participates in the Zikr, ritual dances performed by Chechen Sufi Muslims. At each Zikr he reaches a state of ecstasy and for ABUBAKAR it’s an exorcism, a form of liberation from everything that his people have suffered over so many years of occupation.
The presence of his mother, his wife and his nine children make ghosts from the past and present reappear: stories of the 1948 deportation, his daughters under threat from kidnappings, the city of Grozny in the present day, lights, sounds, landscapes, dark faces behind dilapidated walls. All of this brings memory to life mixing it with reality.
It is the everyday reunion that a Chechen makes with two pillars of his society, faith and culture, embodied in the Zikr where the sacred merges with the profane.
ABUBAKAR defines it as an act of resistance where they reunite with their dead and their pain through dance, music and prayer.
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Valdenses - AFICHE OK

The recovery of a silent feature film from 1924, banned by the Italian fascism, reveals the path of the Waldensians, a medieval heretic movement that became the world’s first protestant church. The documentary is a mirror´s game between reality and representation, between the medieval Waldensians and actual communities with different languages in Italy, Argentina, Uruguay and the United States, wondering why the waldensian heresy has resisted for more than eight centuries.

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Antonio Puigjané

Antonio Puigjane Poster

Antonio Puigjané decided to become a priest at the early age of 11 years old. The clear and obvious option was taken for the poor people and will turn up later, in villa Martillo Chico, mar del plata, in La Rioja, with monsignor Angelelli, again in Buenos Aires, acompanying Plaza de Mayo`s Mohers. Once in democracy, he was banned to give mass for disobeying his superiors. He took part of the leading of the movement “Everybody for motherland” when some of its members were informed of a military uprising so deciding to take La Tablada`s barrack. Antonio is then condemned to 20 years in jail in the maximum security prison in Casero and Ezeiza till his conditional release. Now, the question is why was Antonio really in jail?

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Tras la Pantalla

afiche TLP 04

A documentary portrait of the film distributor Pascual Condito and the world of Argentine cinema. Tired of the difficult moment he is going through with his distribution company, is thinking over a crucial decision that will allow him to continue safely in the world of film until the end of his days.
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El Padre


The director of the film starts on a journey, aiming at clarifying the circumstances surrounding the death of her father during her childhood. Learning the fact that he had not died in a train accident mobilizes her to break the silence and she starts questioning the concealed social and family closets environment. This journey allows her to unbury a father whom she will finally start to feel as hers.
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Mi Hist(e)ria en el Cine

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María Victoria, a film director, decides to give up her career because of the uncountable difficulties that her job entails. Convinced by her friend Franca, she starts to film fun and emotional scenes of her daily life, that slowly and almost unintentionally lead her to reconnect with herself and with her true love for the cinema.
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Campaña AntiArgentina


A famous actor receives a house of inheritance where he finds hidden items that account for an alleged campaign against Argentina.
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La Sangre del Gallo


Damián drives along a dark highway with his mother and brother. An argument breaks out, unveiling the pain he has been carrying all along: his father’s contempt. A fatal accident ensues, and his father blames him, but Damián does not recall the incident. Overwhelmed by accusations, Damián will seek truth… putting his own life at stake in the process. Will he make it alive? Has he really murdered his family?
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Placer y Martirio


Delfina is a beautiful 45-year-old woman, who enjoys a prosperous economic situation and shares her life with her faithful husband and their teenage daughter. Through a close friend, she meets Kamil, an alleged senior businessman engaged in uncertain financial operations, who claims to be of Arab origin. Both start an idyllic relationship as lovers. Kamil is a clever and ruthless manipulator who will manage, through increasingly tiny and always in the name of love interventions, to lead Delfina to an inexplicable level of degradation and physical deterioration.
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El Perro Molina


Antonio Molina es un delictivo en decadencia que intenta sostener a cualquier costo el respeto por la amistad y por la palabra empeñada. El drama amoroso del comisario Ibáñez y de su bella esposa Natalia, quien se entrega de lleno a la prostitución contrariando así la voluntad de su marido, lo involucra a Molina con una tragedia de proporciones para la cual nadie puede estar preparado.
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Madres de los Dioses


Patagonia. A small valley in the Andes Mountains. Four women alone. Four unique ways to live their spirituality.
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La Niña de Tacones Amarillos


For an entire year, a small town up northeast Argentina undertakes the construction of a hotel. Young Isabel goes through the first-hand experience of a clash of cultures.
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El Hijo Buscado

El Hijo Buscado_-_Afiche

Ana and Alvaro have been trying to become parents for many years and this circumstance has soured the relationship and deteriorated their bond. Ana has begun to show peaks of anguish, so Alvaro decides on a resource he had never considered before: to travel to the north of Argentina and adopt a child illegally. In a small town near the Brazilian border, where purchasing babies is an every-day fact, Alvaro
must face a sordid and unknown world, where he takes some decisions that will change the characters’ destiny.
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Piedra Libre


Seis mujeres interpretan danzas ancestrales. Se mueven, hilvanan recuerdos, de una dictadura aún plegada sobre sus biografías, su memoria, sus cuerpos. Si el horror es el límite del lenguaje, entonces allí está la danza como el revés de la trama.
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La Vida de Alguien

La Vida de Alguien_Poster1

. “La vida de alguien” parece preguntarse por el camino del héroe en la sociedad contemporánea. ¿Dónde puede constituirse lo heroico en la ciudad posmoderna? ¿Qué importancia tienen hoy los principios? ¿Cómo pensar la amistad ante una ausencia física? ¿Es posible el duelo sin regodearse en la melancolía?
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Su Realidad


The story takes place in a parallel world during a tour of the musician Daniel Melingo in Europe. What looks like real not always is. With elements of surrealism, the 1930s and the 21st century, the plot accompanies him always focused on the intermediate times, when he downs the stage, away from the show.
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El Secreto de Lucía


Una particular historia de amor en la que circulan secretos y mentiras, y se tensa en lo que cada personaje oculta o disimula.

Sobre el final se despliega una única y radical verdad que ilumina el desenlace y convierte a los espectadores en dichosos cómplices.
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SHW afiche 70x100 4 [BAJA DEF]

Sin trabajo, Diego mantiene su objetivo: volver a vivir a la ciudad cueste lo que cueste y se transforma en un obsesivo vendedor en el showroom de un edificio.

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Mauro walks through the city buying stuff. Anything, it doesn’t matter what. Because Mauro is a passador, as in the streets they call a man who trade fake bills.
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El Triángulo Rosa y la Cura Nazi para la Homosexualidad

Pink Triangle still2

Un documental sobre la supuesta cura nazi de la homosexualidad llevada a cabo por un médico danés que experimentó con jóvenes homosexuales en un Campo de Concentración. Finalizada la guerra, se refugió en la Argentina hasta su muerte en 1965.
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La Utilidad de un Revistero


As if for almost two hours, a piece of furniture had eyes and ears and it were a motionless witness of the encounter between a mischievous stage designer and a traumatized aspiring assistant. We will be present during the whole informal and weird work meeting, where almost all the issues are laid on the table, without censorship.
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María y el Araña


MARIA Y EL ARAÑA es la historia de María, una chica de trece años que vive en una villa de emergencia de Buenos Aires junto a su abuela y el oscuro compañero de esta. Candidata a recibir una beca para continuar su escolaridad, María está terminando la primaria y trabaja al mismo tiempo en el subte. Allí va a conocer a un chico de 17 años que se gana la vida haciendo malabares disfrazado de Hombre Araña. A medida que el amor crece entre ambos, se irá descubriendo dentro de la casa de María, el entretejido de un lazo siniestro que la mantiene sometida.
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Salvar al Niño

Basic CMYK

Tres mujeres, tres historias y un niño para ser rescatado.
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HUMANO, Sudamérica Renace


A camera, 200 questions, a trip.
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Liberen a García


La relación de dos chicas jóvenes en un instante de búsqueda personal y fuga de su propio universo familiar hostil.
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La Consagración de la Nada

La Consagracion de la Nada-POSTER FINAL 18x25

Una película cuyos excéntricos personajes viven cómodos en un mundo donde la incomodidad de los discursos y relatos preestablecidos no dejan lugar para la duda y la alternativa.
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Ramón Ayala


El documental es un homenaje y redescubrimiento de Ramón Ayala, uno de los grandes poetas y compositores del Alto Paraná, de la selva guaraní. La particular visión de la cultura popular latinoamericana de Marcos López, artista plástico y fotógrafo, está presente en un diálogo permanente con la obra de Ramón Ayala, redefiniendo una reflexión estética sobre la identidad cultural argentina.
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Rodencia y el Diente de la Princesa

Rodencia y el Diente de la Princesa_Poster

Es la historia de aventuras y amor del pequeño ratón EDAM, torpe aprendiz de mago y de la bella y segura ratoncita BRIE, quienes deberán enfrentar los más variados peligros para obtener el poder que otorga el diente de una princesa humana y así derrotar al ejército de feroces ratas comandado por el malvado ROTEX quien invade RODENCIA, el pacífico reino de los ratones, para dominarlo y quedarse con su tesoro. En el medio del bosque, la magia de la luz y la de la oscuridad, el amor y el rencor, se enfrentarán. EDAM y ROTEX lucharán sin tregua, en un duelo donde solo uno saldrá victorioso.
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La Nada

LA NADA eloy gonzalez poster necrodrama

Un carro a caballo con un emisario desconocido visita las casas de un pueblo de campo y mar. Convocando las ausencias que rodean a sus habitantes demuestra que allí lo único que siempre está cerca es la muerte.
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El Invitado De Piedra

Mario Paz es un oficinista gris y rutinario. Un día, en su eterno ir y venir de la casa al trabajo, choca con un obstáculo: Coco, un extraño sujeto que aparece en la puerta de su departamento y se limita a mirarlo en silencio. Mario jamás podrá recuperar su rutina. / Mario Paz is a grey and unadventurous office worker. One day, in his eternal way from home to work, he collides with an obstacle: Coco, a strange guy who appears in his door and just looks at him in silence. Mario will never be able recover his routine.
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