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Diez Mil Horas

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A promising young chess player of Buenos Aires, discouraged by his performance, decided to leave his world. He travels with old friends to the countryside to plunge into a desperate tour of drugs and alcohol, before deciding to return to town to face his match and his destiny.
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Azul Turqueza

Azul Turqueza Poster

Indira finds out that her 16 years old daughter is in love with another girl. She enters in a crisis due the fact she can’t face this new side of her. And so it begins, a new sentimental space between her and her daughter.
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La Moza y el Cocinero


The waitress and the cook are the owners of an Italian Restaurant, but they deceive their clients and one night their fraud is discovered.
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After a break up, Ana keeps her whole past in a red suitcase and she decides to leave with her pair of old roller blades. The moment she´s struggling to carry her heavy suitcase, without knowing it, she starts facing the unknown future that is waiting for her.
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Cuando las Gaviotas

Cuando las Gaviotas_POSTER.1

Two young boys find themselves tormented by constant emotional changes and instant travels, while both are trying to communicate with whoever feels on their behalf.
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Las Arácnidas

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A synchronized swimming team welcomes to the new member.
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Campaña AntiArgentina


A famous actor receives a house of inheritance where he finds hidden items that account for an alleged campaign against Argentina.
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La Sangre del Gallo


Damián drives along a dark highway with his mother and brother. An argument breaks out, unveiling the pain he has been carrying all along: his father’s contempt. A fatal accident ensues, and his father blames him, but Damián does not recall the incident. Overwhelmed by accusations, Damián will seek truth… putting his own life at stake in the process. Will he make it alive? Has he really murdered his family?
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La Curva te lleva Derecho


Evitando el aspecto quirúrgico en la revisión de la propia realidad, Santiago, al contrario de diseccionar, cuenta la historia de su presente, desde su mismo presente. Santiago comparte con sus estudiantes su vida personal y amorosa teñidos por el mito y la fantasía, ofreciéndoles una enseñanza única y personal.
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After a party, Agos and Ren leap trough time into a strange dimension in wich they remember to have been before.
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FLEGETON Afiche (english)

After being brutally murdered by her husband Agustin on a romantic sailboat outing, Cora possesses a young fisher girl and returns to take revenge on his lover Caty and take her husband with her to the world of the dead.
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Placer y Martirio


Delfina is a beautiful 45-year-old woman, who enjoys a prosperous economic situation and shares her life with her faithful husband and their teenage daughter. Through a close friend, she meets Kamil, an alleged senior businessman engaged in uncertain financial operations, who claims to be of Arab origin. Both start an idyllic relationship as lovers. Kamil is a clever and ruthless manipulator who will manage, through increasingly tiny and always in the name of love interventions, to lead Delfina to an inexplicable level of degradation and physical deterioration.
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El Perro Molina


Antonio Molina es un delictivo en decadencia que intenta sostener a cualquier costo el respeto por la amistad y por la palabra empeñada. El drama amoroso del comisario Ibáñez y de su bella esposa Natalia, quien se entrega de lleno a la prostitución contrariando así la voluntad de su marido, lo involucra a Molina con una tragedia de proporciones para la cual nadie puede estar preparado.
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El Dorado de Ford


Right after his father passed away, Sebastián is determined to accomplish that which his dad had left undone: to catch the Golden Dorado Henry Ford released in one of his trips to Corrientes. A myth among Parana River fishermen. In order to attain his goal Sebastián will establish an unusual relationship with Horatio, an old local fisherman who will help him.
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Entre la Tierra

Entretierra foto 1 alta

Marta lives in complete isolation, Maya settles nearby. Once the boundaries between them are dissolved, an unexpected ritual will transform both.
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Tres Días

AFICHE (Azul) 2

Martín (29) has had three months to write the script of a short film that will allow him to graduate from film school. Martín thinks the short will be so good that it won’t only allow him to do just that, but it would also take him and Ale (29), his girlfriend —who’s also an actress— around the world’s leading film festivals, granting them success, fame, and money. But Martín has only three days left to turn it in… and he hasn’t written anything. Not one word.
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Una de esas Noches


Santiago joins Paco on a trip to a night club in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. After an argument with some locals, both decide to return to the city. But with no money, phone or help, the trip back will be much more difficult than what they imagined.
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La Planta

La Planta_1

Mauro and Gloria come across each other. The former couple goes for a cup of coffee to catch up. A plant unleashes old resentment between them, turning the present into the same hell as it was in the past.
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Quiero saber por qué me dejaste


Matias and Luciana are boyfriends and they have a solid relationship; or at least that’s what Matias believes. Everything falls apart when Luciana, without any explanation, decides to break up with him. After the brake up, Matias enters in a circle of assumptions and guesses about why did she dumped him. Everything will change after the unusual, but revealing theory that gives his good friend Julian, who defines himself as an expert and amateur philosopher of human relationships.
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Diamante Mandarín


Buenos Aires 2001. In a supermarket in the suburbs a chinese family decides to close the market for the fear of the looting being committed throughout the city. The days pass by and the family tries to keep their normal lives but the fear of outside lurking breaks in their family life, over and over.
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No Hay Bestias


After the mysterious disappearance of his aunt, Mateo begins to remember his childhood at her land in the wild. Between a series of telephone conversations, pierced with the images of two families in the same house, we enter a timeless journey bounded by three stories where the visible occupants get mixed up with the invisible ones.
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La Niña de Tacones Amarillos


For an entire year, a small town up northeast Argentina undertakes the construction of a hotel. Young Isabel goes through the first-hand experience of a clash of cultures.
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El Pez Ha Muerto

El Pez Ha Muerto_1

Pamela is about to receive her first communion and she believes her faith, no matter if it’s the size of a grain of sand, can move mountains. Her grandfather is sick and she tries to heal him. Can a miracle be a divine proof?
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La Muerte de Martín Fierro

Poster_-_La Muerte de Martin Fierro

An old gaucho returns to the land he used to belong with only one wish. On the way, he meets a young boy who joins him to find an old coronel who was part of the man’s past, and so, face off in a noble and heroic grand final duel.
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For Ruben, what seemed like another day, unbearable commute to work will become a decisive debate with the most unexpected companion.
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El Hijo Buscado

El Hijo Buscado_-_Afiche

Ana and Alvaro have been trying to become parents for many years and this circumstance has soured the relationship and deteriorated their bond. Ana has begun to show peaks of anguish, so Alvaro decides on a resource he had never considered before: to travel to the north of Argentina and adopt a child illegally. In a small town near the Brazilian border, where purchasing babies is an every-day fact, Alvaro
must face a sordid and unknown world, where he takes some decisions that will change the characters’ destiny.
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La Vida de Alguien

La Vida de Alguien_Poster1

. “La vida de alguien” parece preguntarse por el camino del héroe en la sociedad contemporánea. ¿Dónde puede constituirse lo heroico en la ciudad posmoderna? ¿Qué importancia tienen hoy los principios? ¿Cómo pensar la amistad ante una ausencia física? ¿Es posible el duelo sin regodearse en la melancolía?
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Su Realidad


The story takes place in a parallel world during a tour of the musician Daniel Melingo in Europe. What looks like real not always is. With elements of surrealism, the 1930s and the 21st century, the plot accompanies him always focused on the intermediate times, when he downs the stage, away from the show.
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El Secreto de Lucía


Una particular historia de amor en la que circulan secretos y mentiras, y se tensa en lo que cada personaje oculta o disimula.

Sobre el final se despliega una única y radical verdad que ilumina el desenlace y convierte a los espectadores en dichosos cómplices.
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The life of Lisa, a girl of eight years, is going to change when her mother decides, secretly, sell the piano she inherited from her grandmother and that is his inner world. Joseph, her grandfather, will take the most unthinkable action to maintain the happiness of Lisa.
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Three Young women are locked inside an apartment sharing their loneliness during a whole night until the morning. Love is idealized and distorted into a selfish and impossible concept, where the postmodern desire is the only possible utopia we can rely on.
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El Duelo


En el antiguo Japón, un implacable y dogmático samurái es enviado en una misión para eliminar a un ronin que rompió los códigos de su clan.
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Vacas, Un Vacío Lleno de Carne

Poster Vacas English

Cow’s meat has disappeared from Earth. Apocalypse seems unavoidable until two strangers start to believe.
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Sweer Heart Poster_1

El día que Amalia se jubila conoce a María, una joven madre soltera. Empiezan una relación amorosa pero los celos se interponen entre amabas.
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La Lengua que se Comió el Gato

la lengua que se comio el gato 2

Josefina spends an afternoon at the home of his father. The visit is distressing because she does not feel part of the family ties.
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SHW afiche 70x100 4 [BAJA DEF]

Sin trabajo, Diego mantiene su objetivo: volver a vivir a la ciudad cueste lo que cueste y se transforma en un obsesivo vendedor en el showroom de un edificio.

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Mauro walks through the city buying stuff. Anything, it doesn’t matter what. Because Mauro is a passador, as in the streets they call a man who trade fake bills.
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Nosotros, Ustedes, Ellos


Un encuentro por azar. Sin quererlo y sin planearlo, un día entero juntos. Quererse o creer que se quiere. Repetir la misma acción hasta el cansancio. Quererse, o querer creerlo. Ahora, simular estar contentos y jugar a evadirse cuantas veces sea necesario. El deber de separarse, saberlo, no querer, pero tener que hacerlo.
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Para los Amigos

PLA gra¦üfica baja

One afternoon, six teenage friends gather around at a cemetery. They appear to be rambling: they film each other among horseplay and crossed relationships. Talking about death, drinking mate. Chating about dreams, smoking marihuana. They compare the place with school and avoid issues. Music plays, they’re alive. The place seems familiar. They dance, carefree, in between jokes that a funeral procession interrupts only slightly. But the seemingly aimless afternoon does have a point.
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Rocío and Melina, two pre-adolescent girls, experience the end of their childhood and of the strong friendship that bounds them together.
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La Montaña que Llora

LMQL Poster

Guillermina es una joven colla del noroeste argentino que no puede llorar y quiere ser libre. En el velorio de su marido decide abandonar la sala. Sube la montaña siguiendo un cóndor que vuela en lo alto. Comienza a recordar su triste juventud con su marido borracho y también el día que conoció a la única persona que la supo entender. La memoria y el presente se fusionan en una pequeña casa abandonada. Cuando la soledad es muy grande los espíritus a veces son la única compañía.
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Un joven boxeador deambula entre el gimnasio y su casa. Su padre entregado a la bebida y a las carreras de caballo, proyecta en él la esperanza de salida de su angustiosa rutina.
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Sobre la Hora

Sobre la Hora_-_Poster Final

A journey to a soccer match makes Lionel, Andres and Alan continue discovering aspects of their strange friendship.
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Dos jóvenes amigas son sorprendidas por el amanecer en una terraza, luego de una trasnochada de fiestas y excitaciones. El encontrarse solas y sin compañía masculina, las motiva a descargas demenciales de diferentes índole, demostrando broncas y alegrías de su desventurada noche.
Perdidas en la normales problemáticas existenciales de la edad, transitan un desconocido camino entre amistad y atracción mutua que las lleva a transpasar el muro de una realidad propia.
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Velos Rojos, Capullos Polares

velos rojos, capullos polares2

La crisis de Ana deja entrever la inminente ruptura de una pareja. En esta revolución, donde los estereotipos de felicidad son arrasados, emprende una búsqueda a tientas de sí misma, irrumpiendo a la vez, la pasión con una mujer. El tsunami, el terremoto y la radiación suceden, y ya no será posible distinguir la separación del adentro con el afuera.
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Un Clásico

Un Clásico_Poster

Anónimo, escritor de cuentos infantiles, encuentra el final para su obra maestra titulada “El Cuento de la Buena Pipa”. A causa de una mala pasada del destino y de su sordera, Anónimo terminará siendo el creador de una broma popular latinoamericana.
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Ahora es Nunca


Una mirada particular sobre el desencuentro amoroso, de los vínculos no realizados y de las relaciones posibles que no llegan… y de la ventana como manera de asomarnos a otras vidas que pueden terminar siendo la propia. Una mirada sobre una generación de jóvenes que viven en pequeños universos contenidos en la urbanidad de una Buenos Aires de principios del Siglo XXI.
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Esta no es una Historia de Amor


What happens when the man is left? What happens when you can not move on? This is about “This is not a love story” the story of Mateo.
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La Utilidad de un Revistero


As if for almost two hours, a piece of furniture had eyes and ears and it were a motionless witness of the encounter between a mischievous stage designer and a traumatized aspiring assistant. We will be present during the whole informal and weird work meeting, where almost all the issues are laid on the table, without censorship.
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María y el Araña


MARIA Y EL ARAÑA es la historia de María, una chica de trece años que vive en una villa de emergencia de Buenos Aires junto a su abuela y el oscuro compañero de esta. Candidata a recibir una beca para continuar su escolaridad, María está terminando la primaria y trabaja al mismo tiempo en el subte. Allí va a conocer a un chico de 17 años que se gana la vida haciendo malabares disfrazado de Hombre Araña. A medida que el amor crece entre ambos, se irá descubriendo dentro de la casa de María, el entretejido de un lazo siniestro que la mantiene sometida.
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