Categoria: Documentary

Caperucita Roja

Little Red Riding Hood

The ruined town where my grandmother was born has been put out for sale. While producing a red hooded coat, we, two women more than sixty years apart discuss within four walls our gender’s and our social class’ stories and contradictions, while the women’s movement takes de streets of the city.
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Hojas de Yuca

still 4 (2)

A woman returns to her childhood home but both, she and that place are not the same. Only memories remain.

Una mujer regresa a la casa de su infancia, sin embargo, ni ella ni ese lugar son los mismos. Tan sólo permanecen los recuerdos.

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Un grupo de adolescentes recorre los principales campos de concentración nazi en Polonia, en un viaje de estudios para aprender la historia de la Shoá y aportar su propia visión del Genocidio.

A group of adolescents goes over the Nazi fields in Poland, on a school trip to learn about the history of the Shoa and to give their own view on the Genocide.

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