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It is the year 1978 in Mendoza, Argentina. Manuel is a restless boy, almost everything in his life is a game. However, a grim reality bursts into his life, stripping him of his innocence.

Corre el año 1978 en Mendoza, Argentina. Manuel es un niño inquieto, prácticamente todo en su vida es un juego. Sin embargo, un golpe de oscura realidad irrumpe en su vida, alejándolo de su inocencia.

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Casi Nunca


A man sells abandoned furniture in his warehouse is surprised when a couple comes by interested in a bed and a TV. The man offers them some whisky, the girl dances among the furniture, the boy falls asleep. Everything around them gets destroyed except for their desires.

Un hombre que vende muebles abandonados en su galpón es sorprendido por una joven pareja que se interesa por una cama y una tv. El hombre los invita con un poco de whisky, la chica baila entre los muebles, el chico se queda dormido. Y se destruye todo alrededor de ellos, pero a sus deseos no consiguen destruirlos.

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Los Exploradores

Los Exploradores AFICHE

Stunned by the constant presence of nature in their lives, a group of humanoids embarks on a journey in search of artificial light and concrete.

Hastiados de la constante presencia de la naturaleza en sus vidas, un grupo de humanoides emprende un viaje en busca de luz artificial y hormigón.

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Al Silencio


To the Silence is the story of a farewell, an elegy, a man’s journey to the heart of the mountain. He travels carrying on his back all the weight of his story; like a cross, a big bag that accompanies him on his walk.

Al Silencio es la historia de una despedida, una elegía, el viaje de un hombre al corazón de la montaña, lo hace llevando en su espalda todo el peso de su historia; como una cruz, un gran bolso lo acompaña en su andar.

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Love Poster

La tradición solo se sostiene con un sentimiento.

Tradition only survives with one feeling.

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Mr. Pix thinks he makes objects move by itself. Every day he repeats a strict routine, until he realizes that he has lived an illusion and which objects move on their own. So Mr. Pix will try to unravel the object´s mystery while also escape from them, since they pursue him to return to his old routine. Mr. Pix is a character, but he doesn´t know.

Sr. Pix cree que mueve los objetos con sólo desearlo. Todo los días, el Sr. Pix repite una estricta rutina hasta que se da cuenta que vive en una ilusión y que los objetos se mueven solos sin seguir sus órdenes. El Sr. Pix intentará descubrir el misterio mientras intentará escapar de los objetos ya que intentan devolverlo a su estricta rutina.

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Cardboard boxes ask to be recycled, but a man captures them to incinerate. During they move through the city, the cardboards reveal themselves to become unusual things, tormenting the evil captor and finally they get free.

Unas cajas de cartón piden ser recicladas, pero un hombre las captura para incinerarlas. Durante el recorrido por la ciudad, los cartones se revelan y se convierten en cosas insólitas, que atormentan al malvado captor y logran liberarse.

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Deconstrucción: Crónicas de Susy Shock


From the heart of the Pachamama region to the centre of the capital cities, Susy Shock creates her own path: not a man, not a woman, not xxy nor h2o.

Desde el interior de la Pachamama hasta el centro de las capitales Susy Shock hace camino: ni varón, ni mujer, ni xxy, ni h2o.
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Cimarron 2

Invariably, a hunter gets caught in a circle that leads him to madness.
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Un Alud


After months of quietness caused by a loss that has left Sofia emotionally paralyzed , we will witness an awakening loaded with symbolism. The life and death instincts are on dispute in a silent and intimate war.

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Cntauro 5

CENTAUR is a Greek-Creole western that is set amongst the palm trees and TV aerials of the soy producing Pampas. When the bad gaucho invokes the spirit of his dead brother, the drama of representation is unleashed. Violence –always instrumental– emerges in the form of a whip-knife carried by the horse-man. In short, the centaur, just like the gaucho, is a myth, but an interrupted myth that was lost far away and long ago. Only that this story occurs nearby and in more recent times.
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Hipótesis Sobre una Separación


The passage of time. The passage from night to day. Two women disagree and wait while the movers take away what remains. The following day, there is nothing.
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Olor a Ratas


Set in some old factory in Buenos Aires, mid ´60s. During an endless night, three characters awaits the moment to take their “big hit”. Ponce, a petty criminal, must decide whether to pursues bussiness or passions.
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De Vuelta

foto 1

Leon and Anna are Russians but they live in Argentina; in a few days she’s going back to Russia with her mother, tonight is the farewell party and she tries to convince Leon to stay together against the odds.
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Emanuel arrives to his apartment in a hurry. He prepares dinner for his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend. Some messages on the answering machine change his immediate plans and cause the world he’s trying to escape from, to crumble upon him, but the world can always become lighter.
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El Trabajo Indistrial

El Trabajo Industrial_Poster

On the assembly line red cans go by. The worker repeats the same sequence of movements. One day, he takes a can from the line and reads the instructions for use. Acting and working are industrial exercises. Everything that needs to be said, is said in the locker room.
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No Hay Nieve en Navidad

Poster_No hay Nieve en Navidad

Nicole is 15 years old, it’s been awhile since she’s managed to maintain a good relationship with her family. She feels alone and misunderstood. She tends to spend long hours writing and drawing in her bedroom. Her family doesn’t really know how to restore the bond. Nicole has a secret. She scolds herself by making little cuts on her wrist. On Christmas’ Eve she cuts too deeply. Her family tries to spend Christmas’ Day, a really distressing one, the best they can. Nobody knows what to say or how to take the first step to face the situation. In the end, it’s her brother Manuel who, in his own way, approaches her; letting her know that he, as well, feels lonely.
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Un Ejercicio para no Olvidar

Un Ejercicio

Cristian is a young actor who has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. While he waits for his girlfriend in a bar, his mind delves in the memories of their relationship and the mysterious figure of Rubén Alvarán, a man born in Paraguay in the early years of the 20th century.
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El Más Fuerte de los Silencios

Cartel BORRADOR Más definitivo

La familia de una niña es compelida por la escuela a realizarle estudios médicos por problemas de audición. Su madre, contrariada, la lleva al hospital y la niña se alegra de que se ocupe de ella. Pero la actitud de abandono e irritabilidad de la madre, enfrenta a la niña con el desamparo en el que vive: el más fuerte de los silencios.
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Breve Historia en el Planeta


Two astronauts arrive on a strange planet and explore it in search for intelligent life. But when they finally encounter the local civilization, the travelers’ mission suffers a new and unexpected setback.
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Florecer Lunar

Flyer florecer

She is a beautiful and warm teenager who walks around in the Buenos Aires night, to meet his beloved one; when she arrives, she beholds a scene that makes her face delusion and early adulthood, going through an internal crisis which makes her a woman.
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La Breve Mañana de Ana y Martín

poster la breve mañana de ana y martin

Martin and Ana are a former couple who share many mutual friends. Things were never ok between them and after a party, Ana is very drunk. Facing a jealous rage Martin takes her home to avoid her falling into the hands of strangers with bad intentions. When Ana wakes up, begins a morning full of meanings seconds and unsolved problems
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Before the romance blossoming in the park, an old man decides to take a chance on love.
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El Tambor y la Sombra

cartelera 06 2016

A very old Chimai, spiritual healer, faces a demon with the power of her drum.
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La Canoa de Ulises

Afiche 03 LCDU_V1 corregido

Itaeté and Ulises, a Guraní old man and a guaraní young teenager, are immersed into the jungle, building a canoe. Itaeté is trying instilling a traditional legacy in the boy, but Ulises isn’t very interested. His true calling is music. He’s a rapper.
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afiche BLANCO 9

Two sisters marked by a blood difference share disturbing universes hidden in the depths of the countryside. Places that become a refuge and a confinement at the same time challenge a family bond full of inequalities.
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Mañana los Restos

Afiche MLR

A man is finishing up his working day. One of his co-workers is taking down some old paintings. His way home from work won’t be the same.
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Afiche Oficial Asesinos

The short movie tells the violent wait of two men, which interrupt the tranquility of a bleak restaurant with their arrival. As the story unfolds their dark intentions are revealed. The impatience grows, customers come and go, and the murderers… wait.

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El Chicho

chicho afiche

Chicho dives into the days of a country man after a significant loss and into the violence and tension between him and his next door neighbor.
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La Sangre Mezclada


The history like any couple´s history is simple. Mirta falls in love whit Patricio and they discover the perfect business: family blackmailing.
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An unnamed narrator tells the terrible experience of being shipwrecked for days to finally get to a strange and lonely Pacific island where a surprising and dramatic discovery does.
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Poster Benjamiěn

Francisco goes on holydays to the Peruvian Amazon and meets Benjamin, an old man that has lived all his life in the jungle, and will be Francisco’s tour guide for ten days. Benjamin opens his world’s doors and Francisco enters. Among long walks, outdoor nights and carnival parties, Francisco and Benjamin get closer to each other day by day. But in the end, reality shows Francisco that beyond all, he is just another tourist.
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Pastel de Cereza


Sofia is sixteen, she likes to talk over the phone with her older sister who lives in the city and smoking secretly. Maria Lujan, her best friend, likes black coffee and butter cookies; she has a girlfriend and never hesitates when doing what she feels. But one night Lujan has its first fear: Sofia kisses a girl. Lujan is filled with love but also with the certainty that falling in love is not an option.
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Jasy Pora

Jasy Porã Poster

This is a movie about the resistance, the love and the harmony with nature against the brutality of the world.
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La Internacional


Apparently, according to some verses of The Internationale, the socialism would be something like a paradise full of brothers and sisters.
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Mujeres Frente al Espejo

Mujeres Frente al Espejo1

A group of drag queen artist called “4D sister and cousin”. They tell their life on stage and his life when the lights go out, when the makeup and costumes are out. They tell their experiences, dreams, anecdotes and as through this art started a wonderful family.
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Diez Mil Horas

10000 poster baja internet

A promising young chess player of Buenos Aires, discouraged by his performance, decided to leave his world. He travels with old friends to the countryside to plunge into a desperate tour of drugs and alcohol, before deciding to return to town to face his match and his destiny.
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Azul Turqueza

Azul Turqueza Poster

Indira finds out that her 16 years old daughter is in love with another girl. She enters in a crisis due the fact she can’t face this new side of her. And so it begins, a new sentimental space between her and her daughter.
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La Moza y el Cocinero


The waitress and the cook are the owners of an Italian Restaurant, but they deceive their clients and one night their fraud is discovered.
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poster (1)

After a break up, Ana keeps her whole past in a red suitcase and she decides to leave with her pair of old roller blades. The moment she´s struggling to carry her heavy suitcase, without knowing it, she starts facing the unknown future that is waiting for her.
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afiche ronko

A dream you can change your life. A nightmare, too.
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Cuando las Gaviotas

Cuando las Gaviotas_POSTER.1

Two young boys find themselves tormented by constant emotional changes and instant travels, while both are trying to communicate with whoever feels on their behalf.
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Las Arácnidas

WEB poster_english

A synchronized swimming team welcomes to the new member.
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Ishinomaki Rock and Roll City


Un viaje personal hacia Ishinomaki, Japón. La ciudad más arrasada por uno de los tsunamis más feroces de la historia. Convertida en ciudad fantasma, sin policías, sin propiedades y sin reglas, vemos como una gran red de voluntarios realiza una gran tarea para reconstruirla. Los sobrevivientes buscan en la música su modo de encontrarse con la vida, con el presente y con la fuerza para poder superar el dolor.

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La Curva te lleva Derecho


Evitando el aspecto quirúrgico en la revisión de la propia realidad, Santiago, al contrario de diseccionar, cuenta la historia de su presente, desde su mismo presente. Santiago comparte con sus estudiantes su vida personal y amorosa teñidos por el mito y la fantasía, ofreciéndoles una enseñanza única y personal.
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After a party, Agos and Ren leap trough time into a strange dimension in wich they remember to have been before.
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FLEGETON Afiche (english)

After being brutally murdered by her husband Agustin on a romantic sailboat outing, Cora possesses a young fisher girl and returns to take revenge on his lover Caty and take her husband with her to the world of the dead.
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El Dorado de Ford


Right after his father passed away, Sebastián is determined to accomplish that which his dad had left undone: to catch the Golden Dorado Henry Ford released in one of his trips to Corrientes. A myth among Parana River fishermen. In order to attain his goal Sebastián will establish an unusual relationship with Horatio, an old local fisherman who will help him.
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Entre la Tierra

Entretierra foto 1 alta

Marta lives in complete isolation, Maya settles nearby. Once the boundaries between them are dissolved, an unexpected ritual will transform both.
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Tres Días

AFICHE (Azul) 2

Martín (29) has had three months to write the script of a short film that will allow him to graduate from film school. Martín thinks the short will be so good that it won’t only allow him to do just that, but it would also take him and Ale (29), his girlfriend —who’s also an actress— around the world’s leading film festivals, granting them success, fame, and money. But Martín has only three days left to turn it in… and he hasn’t written anything. Not one word.
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