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Ahí Viene el Avioncito

Ahi viene el avioncito1

The game of the airplane that makes a Grandmother to her grandson has serious consequences when he imagines much more than expected.

El juego del avioncito que le hace una Abuelita a su nieto bebé tiene consecuencias graves cuando este imagina mucho más de lo esperado.

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Mr. Pix thinks he makes objects move by itself. Every day he repeats a strict routine, until he realizes that he has lived an illusion and which objects move on their own. So Mr. Pix will try to unravel the object´s mystery while also escape from them, since they pursue him to return to his old routine. Mr. Pix is a character, but he doesn´t know.

Sr. Pix cree que mueve los objetos con sólo desearlo. Todo los días, el Sr. Pix repite una estricta rutina hasta que se da cuenta que vive en una ilusión y que los objetos se mueven solos sin seguir sus órdenes. El Sr. Pix intentará descubrir el misterio mientras intentará escapar de los objetos ya que intentan devolverlo a su estricta rutina.

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Cardboard boxes ask to be recycled, but a man captures them to incinerate. During they move through the city, the cardboards reveal themselves to become unusual things, tormenting the evil captor and finally they get free.

Unas cajas de cartón piden ser recicladas, pero un hombre las captura para incinerarlas. Durante el recorrido por la ciudad, los cartones se revelan y se convierten en cosas insólitas, que atormentan al malvado captor y logran liberarse.

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Before the romance blossoming in the park, an old man decides to take a chance on love.
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El Tambor y la Sombra

cartelera 06 2016

A very old Chimai, spiritual healer, faces a demon with the power of her drum.
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An unnamed narrator tells the terrible experience of being shipwrecked for days to finally get to a strange and lonely Pacific island where a surprising and dramatic discovery does.
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During World War I, a young Australian miner decides to change his fate; however, the new reality will force him to make a difficult choice.
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